Five Universal Forces

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Five Universal Forces[edit]


Gravity exclusively affects apples, particularly when revolutionary scientists rest under apple trees. In such a case, the apples are accelerated downward at near lethal force towards the head of the scientist. Upon impact, the apple imparts a brilliant idea into the revolutionarie's head.

Strong Force[edit]

the Strong Force is a jerk who just bullies around the Weak Force.. he's a royal jerkface. in 1945 the Strong Force took credit for the destruction of Hiroshima and another city people don't talk about as much. however it is now believed that Chuck Norris was in fact the source of the explosion or possibly Peter of "Heroes" fame.

Weak Force[edit]

the Weak Force has the habit of reading popular science and is really bad at gym class.

Electro-Magnetic Force[edit]

The Electro-Magnetic Force is responsible for the creation of Electro-Magnets. It also gives things a magical ability called magnetism that is usually called being physic. it also allows Palpantine to shoot lightning out of his hands. oohhhh scary

Force of Habit[edit]

The Force of Habit is responsible for everything in the natural world. it was laid down by the flying spaghetti monster (R'AHmen) fourscore and seven years ago. it answers all of life questions for example...

  • why do atoms stick together? A: because they've got nothing better to do.
  • why is your momma sooooo fat? A:because she's always been chubby
  • what happened to your face? A: a bus
  • is Schroedinger's cat alive or not? A: when was the last time you fed it?...this morning? ok good its ok... unless its been huffed by a grue
  • why is Liam so cool? A: force of habit
  • is that a man or a woman? A: ewwwwwwwwww
  • why do people get sex changes? A: i haven't had one of those in years
  • do you love me? A: its a tough job but somebodies got to do it
  • life, the universe, and everything? A: 42
  • does this cloth smell like chloroform to you? A:

common mistake[edit]

Many kindergarden kindern, mentaly retarded people and politicians think that the fifth force of universe is well known Chuk-Norrisic reciprocal force (force of chucknorrim) because its similarity to Electro-Magnetic force. However, this is surprisingly an indefensible mistake. Inconsistency in this bullshit can not be explained in classical terms (to such a dummies) and apears only in quantum mechanical theory. Quants of Chuk-Norrisic reciprocal force are integer values of elementary unit 1/h (h stands for Planck quantum ~ 10e-34), thus is reciprocal to any regular physical force. The correspondence of reciprocal and regular forces is very complex Neverthless the impact of this force on objects interacting with Chuck Norris is real and well known in experiments.

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