Fixed-wing aircraft

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Fear the Evil Air O'Plane!

Also known as Air O'Plane, Fixed Wing-Aircraft is the cousin of Helic O'Pter (Those Latin-speaking of you wll know that that means a spiral wing, as Helic was deformed at birth with bent wings).


  • Boeing - Terrorist
  • Concorde - Terrafying-ist
  • Jump jet - Mass Murderer of Helic O'Pter's sons, and also claims to be Helic himself.


Films about Air O'Plane[edit]

Being such an evil villan, Air O'Plane has starred in many films.

  • Aeroplane (Evil Air O'Plane tried to kill everyone by poisoning the food)
  • Thunderbirds Are Go (Many Alibis of Air, known collectively as the 'Thunderbirds', starred in this film on an evil plot to take over the world)
  • Apollo 13 (Apollo, an Alibi of Air, travelled to the moon to kill some men, but burnt up on the way, ending Apollo's reign of terror)