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Flagrant System Error is a deep mathematical concept. Like the Fragrant Chicken at your local Chinese take-out, mathematical concepts are tantalizing until you fully grasp them. But once you do, you'll be hungry in a half hour. If Amazon.com is out of "Flagrant System Error for Dummies," we'll just have to break it down for you... slowly.


An error is an undefined operation, a violation of an invariant, or an Uncatchable Throwable. Examples include:

  • Divide By Zero error (undefined operation).
  • A butch-dyke cross-dressing as a femme (deviation of a deviant).
  • The sound of one hand clapping (neither Catchable nor Knowable).


A system is a bunch of stuff:

  • A system of simultaneous equations is a bunch of equations which hold simultaneously.
  • An operating system fails to operate in a bunch of ways.
Windows is the one exception to this rule.
As the pinnacle of OS technology, Windows fails to operate in one single way.
It does so a bunch of times daily.

System Error[edit]

A system error is usually one of two things: a bunch of errors, or an errant bunch. There may be exceptions, but they are Exceptions.

Fragrant System Error[edit]

A Fragrant System Error has all the properties of a system error with the additional characteristic of smelling good.