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This article contains material related to Japanese animation and was done by an Otaku. Don't be scared by the huge eyes and enormous tits.

So hot, her clothes may burn off soon enough!

“Go put a shirt on!”

~ Tourette's Guy on Flannery's baby tee

“That's hot.”

~ Paris Hilton on Either Flannery, Flannery's pokemon, or something else completely unrelated to this article

“that's hawt :)”

~ Captain LOL on Flannery

“I don't know which is hotter: Flannery or her pokemon.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Flannery

“Giggidy Giggidy!”

~ Quagmire on Flannery

“She's MORE than modestly hot! C'mere!”

~ Strong Bad on Flannery

“I'd loerve to pat dat butt!”

~ Coach Z on Flannery

Flannery is a gym leader from the Pokemon franchise. She's most notable for her hawt body. Flannery is, undoubtedly, really sexy and made Brock get really, really horny. OK, so most female Pokemon characters do, but still. She's well-known for her black baby tee and blue jeans.

Background and Skill[edit]

Flannery wants YOU!

Flannery was born in a small township in Ohio. She has a perpetual fear of Mama Luigi after Mama Luigi tried to take a picture of her changing clothes in a gym locker room in upstate New York. Thankfully, Arnold Schwarzenegger (or some guy that looked like him) beat Mama Luigi up. She graduated from some local high school in 2004. When she graduated, she had already inherited her grandpa's gym and moved to California to occupy it.

Flannery apparently - according to the game and judging by her miserably bad "Look at how friggin' tough I am!" facade - lacks experience, but is still undenibly hot (perhaps why she was handed the job). I mean, hell, it sure didn't stop Brock from crushing on her. Flannery posted a response to Brock's (typical) flirtation on YouTube. It has since been removed from the site, however...damn copyright laws...

On May 6, 2007, Flannery and that quarterback from the Buffalo Bills that kept getting then subsequently losing his starting job were seen on a date in Buffalo. The press went wild and Brock went to punch the quarterback's lights out, only to be beaten up by Buffalo Bills Defensive End Aaron Schobel at a Buffalo area Kentucky Fried Chicken.


He's watching you, Brock. He's watching you...

Not a picture from the official modeling studio website.

Flannery's gym in Lavaridge Town (known to the world as Mount Shasta, CA) was under financial duress recently. In fact, a thatch-haired real estate mogul known to the world simply as Donald Trump tried to buy the gym and make it into a casino in March 2008. The recession didn't improve things. A few months and countless layoffs later, Flannery decided to open her own amateur modeling studio that was to be annexed to the side of her gym. Construction was complete on January 29, 2009.

Flannery is considered one of the hottest gym leaders by many Pokemon fan circles. That sure as hell is a lot more than you could ever say, you bastard!

Relationships With Other Characters[edit]

Flannery is very close friends with Winona, the leader of the Fortree Gym. She also had a crush on a member of Team Magma named Tabitha, but has since gotten over it since not only is Tabitha evil, but also a cross-dressing freak (that last part may or may not be true, but do I care? Not likely that I do.). She inherited her position of Gym Leader from her alleged grandpa. She also allegedly has affiliations with The Cheat Commandos unknown to the public. Whatever those relationships may be, it's probably something like being pen pals with one of those guys or some uncontroversial crap like that.