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The Flemish Movement (FM), also known as The Vlaams Belang and The Knights of the Gulden Sporenslag, are a bunch of superheroes who follow the orders of Flippo Dewinter. In 2009 they fought a war against the Walloons. The FM was helped by the Weed People and the Germans. After winning the war, Belgium declared the independence of Flanders.

You said 'superheroes'?[edit]

The first war on drugs, lead by the French was fought in 1100. They had secret spies in the Netherlands to blow up their druglabartories, but the spies were luckily discovered by the Flemish people. After that a war broke out between the Dutch&Flemish and the French. This war is known as the Gulden Sporenslag. The Dutch kicked the French's ass, but the country of Flandria was totally destroyed, plus a small part of France. Therefore, both countries dumped the "destroyed part" . For centuries these wastelands were used to stock nuclear waste. The people living there transformed, mutated, into super beings. The hulk, spiderman, batman and many other superheroes come from the wastelands of Flandria.

The rise[edit]

In the year 1830 finally more civilized people were born in the wastelands, the people had become imune for the toxic waste. The Walloons (the french part of the wastelands) were the first to gain a certain imunity for the toxic waste, and they slaughtered all the mutated people in their area, one of the most stupid moves in history. All their superheroes ([idiot|idiotman]], queer, whineboy, wineboy, Radioactive man, etc) were gone... They also tried to kill the Flemish Superheroes, but failed. They did overtook the wastelands though, declared it to be named Belgium, and created a lot of stupid laws which would mean they would be in power until the end of time. Eventhough they would become retarded, poor or retarded. In 1915, when the Germans were invading Belgium to kill the French, the Flemish Superheroes won in power. The Germans helped them to try to overtake Belgium, but they failed because of some retarded Walloon drowned 'em all.


In 1942 a kinda queer man named Adolf Something came to help the Flemish people. But then the US (who had nothing to do with it whatsoever) came out of nowhere and kicked German bud.


In 2009 it finally happened. The hero of all heroes Flippo Dewinter called upon all the Superheroes and they went down to Wallonia to kick some Racoons. The Walloons got help from the Commy-bastards from Norway, but luckily the Weed People and the Germans helped out again.


At this moment Flippo Dewinter is the President of Flanders, the most racistic state in the world. No Walloons, French, Muslims, Arabs, Moroccans or Turkish people are allowed in the country. People don't care about anyone who is white, not-French or someone from Pakistan.


In the year 2012, the rising sea level submerged the Flemish nation. Meanwhile, the Dutch stare at them and laugh in amusement. The French who founded the Lost City of New Orleans will pay the bill to rebuild the nation on a low-elevated, swampy and rainy location right on the North Sea coast...again.

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