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The undeniably amazing and totally rad flying college of Oxbridge, England, Flitterby College breaks almost as many laws of physics as it does architectural conventions. Somewhat improbably large, the college teaches courses as varied as astrology and bungee-jumping, and has an abnormaly high student death ratio even by Oxbridge's standards, largely due to the number of times it crashes. Founded in 1804 by the world famous aviator Darles.H.Charline, Flitterby took to the skies the following year, where it instantly crashed into Jusmiluck College, destroying it completely. Flitterby's flight system involves a series of fluttering paddles on either side of its oblongish main body, but suffers the inherent problem that the West Side is filled with rowdy, pissed-up students looking for a good time, and the East Side filled with dilegent and sedentary types, which means that the College has a tendancy to crash the same way rather a lot. Today, visitors to Oxbridge marvel at the glourious statues and masonry lining the college's East, while politely concluding that the rest of the thing is probably some sort of marvellously complicated mechanism, which would probably explain the smell.