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The Fluxbox desktop, don't get TOO excited now.

In the sad world of Unix, Fluxbox is a X Window System window manager that you will never be l33t enough to use.

Fluxbox aims to be lightweight and highly unuseable. Minimalists are retarded fellatists and seek something thin, clean and easy to swallow. In spite of its small codebase and snappy performance, it looks like dog shit. It is composed of only an useless panel and a menu that pops up when you right-click on the hentai desktop. Also, Fluxbox has won staring contests with brick walls.

What developers of GNOME wanted their project to do (absolutely nothing) has been attained here. Is it that hard to accept? GNOME developers should simply give up and go get a real paying job with Microsoft. If they could only let go of C and GTK+ they would be fine, but that would mean submitting to the obvious superiority of C++, something that requires a brain.


It was adapted from Oprah's Blackbox in Octembuary 2001 by scientists on the frigid and barren continent of Antarctica as a way to turn any computer into a space heater and to best emulate Antarctica itself, where nothing works, grows or ever gets done. Since then, some useless morons somehow got a hold of it, liked how they couldn't do anything with it and decided to extend it's uselessness.


The original inspiration for Fluxbox.

The project is getting closer to their ultimate goal of an utterly useless environment everyday (the only thing that seems to be in their way is the terminal and the mouse, adding more of that damned functionality crap). They contend that the only good thing that has come out of age of the desktop environment are desktop backgrounds for anime porn and (possibly) the clock at the bottom right. Though the developers sometimes have arguments over how easy it should be to change your hentai desktop background or whether they should have a clock, they agree universally that they should be able to masturbate see pretty pictures without opening a browser.


Having only .0001% of the installed user base of Linux based operating systems, it is second only to GNUStep in the lack of users.

There are three types of Fluxbox users:

1. Delusional terminal users (who inevitably, upon further introspection, stop using X Windows).

2. 1337 Script kiddies that like to take screenshots every time they download a pre-made modification.

3. Masochistic assclowns who suck fuck butter out of other mens' assholes.


Matching the GNU/Linux geeks' everlasting lovejoy for recursive acronyms, Fluxbox means Fluxbox Luxbox Uxbox Xbox Box Ox X.

How to Install[edit]

As of late, there has been much heated debate within the community as to whether or not this would, in fact, be preferable to a swift kick in the nuts.

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