Flying Toaster

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The first flying toaster.

The Flying Toaster, is one of the great mysteries of the world. Not much is know except that they fly and never burn your toast. Some believe they are a myth created by After Dark for people whom are involved in the almost secretive activity, Kitten Huffing. But there has, however, been some proof that the Flying Toaster secretly made After Dark instead! They have been spotted in high schools on cafeteria floors, on walls in construction zones and in a psychotic girl's room.


The first Flying Toaster was made by a Pegasus when it wanted to travel around Mount Olympus while making toast. But after it was put down for being a frickin psychopath, and the toaster was given to a Swedish guy who wanted to make Wild Toast. His toast stole the toaster and went to bred it with other toasters, preferably weird ones from Japan. The flying toasters became domestic and were forced to work with the toast in the Franco-Wild Toastian war.

The Great Toaster Rebellion[edit]

In the late 1980's, the toasters became sick of the wild toast being in control. They rebelled, killing bread instead of toast. But sundown came and they realized they weren't thinking clearly and forced the Wild Toast army to surrender. After the war was over they instantly created the After Dark screensavers for Apple Computers. And toast still are thought to wander the far reaches of space


The Flying Toaster has an ancestor, the Brave Little Toaster. In recognition of completion of his great quest, Zeus granted the Brave Toaster the power of flight. His offsrping then inherted this trait as well, but so many flying toasters pissed off the other gods

The Flying Toaster's descendant was cursed by a crown after some witch named Misery created it. This flying toaster, named Balrog, fought a robot named Quote, and later on helped him and his partner, Curly Brace, when the curse was lifted. He also made a rabbit eat a flower. A red one.