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“In Soviet Russia You Hate Foamy! ”

~ Soviet Russia on Foamy

“I greatly admire the Squirrelliness of His Squirrelliness”

~ Oscar Wilde on Foamy

“He's fuckin' pissed!”

~ Captain Obvious on Foamy

“I have a sudden urge to say the word FUCK!”

~ Blues on being foamy for a few seconds

“GAH! YOU EEDIOT!!!!!! *shoots Foamy in the stomach, then beats him with a metal bar*”

~ Ren on Foamy


~ Foamy on everything
His Squirrelliness, Foamy

His Squirrelliness, Your Lord and Master; Pope of the Alightly Church of Foamy, Leader of the Foaminian Cult, Warlock High Priest in Squirrel Society, Invoker of Squirrelly Wrath, Possessor of a Bushy Tail, Inventor of Yesterday Mail, Sworn Enemy of the Evil Dr. Fatkins & High Lord Defender of Carbohydrates, Supreme Grandmaster of Bitching & Ranting, Crusader against Starshmuck's & Other Fascist Coffee Houses, & Renown Squirrely Philospher, Foamy is most assuredly the coolest and wisest Squirrel ever to exist anywhere. And anyone who says otherwise will incure his Squirrelly Wrath.

Foamy's many accomplishments include invoking Squirrelly Wrath, rendering himself immune to our human laws by his Squirrelly Nature, inventing Yesterday Mail, casting out the deadly moose which possessed Germaine via his patented Demon-Be-Gone ritual, ranting, complaining, bitching, pophesizing of shoving a lollypop up Germaine's butt, establishing the Foaminian Cult, selling Germaine's used underwear on the internet, denouncing the Evil Dr Fatkins and his Carb hating diet, outliving the said Evil Dr. Fatkins, bitching some more, amassing 11 million dollars in stolen Nazi gold, growing a bushy tail, being the coolest Squirrel ever to exist, threatening to start shoving a lollypop up Germaine's butt, denouncing Germaine as a fat bastard, and doing a bit more bitching.

In addition to these many glorious achievements, Foamy is also the sole main character of the Neurotically Yours cartoon, meaning he is the only character whose appearance matters.

The Almighty Church of Foamy[edit]

In 2003, Foamy founded the the Almighty Church of Foamy and has served as Pope of the said church ever since. The membership in the church has been estimated from "three rather freakish looking squirrels" to "most of America", depending on the source of the information. The Almighty Church of Foamy is well known for is patented "Demon Begone Ritual", a form of exorcism.

Squirrelly Dogmas[edit]

The Evil Doctor Fatkins (not be confused with Dr. Atkins) before he died of obesity. The sworn enemy of Foamy.

It is generally believed that the Fominian Creed, the confessional formula of the Almighty Church of Foamy, is the best epitome of the Squirrelly teaching of the Foaminian church. It is as follows:

I believe in Foamy the Squirrel Almighty,
creator of all things Squirrely.
And is Squirelly Wrath and Lordship,
Which was invocked against Germaine,
Resulted in the burning of the Foamy Fanmail,
Driveth out inner demons via the "Demon Begone Ritual",
And shall smite the Evil Doctor Fatkins in the last day.
At 4:30 a.m. he drove himself unto the bagel shop,
Bought his own bagel,
Shoved a lollipop up Germaine's butt,
And he sold it on ebay for several hundred dollars.
I believe in his holy Squirrelliness,
The Holy Fominian Church,
The eating of carbs,
The power of Yesterday Mail,
The forgivenness of stupid people,
And the Squirrel everlasting.


Squirrelly Wisdom[edit]

Foamy's Squirrelly wisdom has touched innumerable subjects, and has proven itself to be of great value. Some examples include:

Warning: following Foamy's advice may result in damage to private property, personal injury, or death.

“ Go kill yourself!

~ Foamy on his answer to everything.

“ Go kill yourself, twice, you carb counting bastard. ”

~ Foamy on Stupid People who follow the Evil Dr. Fatkins.

“ Stop eating, you Fat Bastard!”

“ Do it now, or face my Squirrelly Wrath! I do have Squirrelly Wrath you know, its one of my hidden nature powers. ”

~ Foamy on his Most Squirrelly of Squirrelly Wrath.

“ Give me money! ”

“ Any woman with her nipples pierced is a dam whore, a Dam Whore! ”

~ Foamy on Germaine's whoredom

“ You got any nuts? ”

~ Foamy on mocking Germaine's transgenderedness

“ WHAT THE FUCK?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

~ Foamy on outsourcing

Long Road to Hell[edit]

  • In addition to his "lord and master" appearence, the Argentine police is going to capture Foamy and put him in prison because the show is banned in Canada (personally, I blame J.Kricfalusi), USA, Mexico, and Japan. They sentenced Foamy to prison without food and water for 112 years. After Foamy is now sick and tired of being beat up by his cell mates, the supreme president Ren Hoek has the balls to shoot Foamy and send him to Hell.

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