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“I'm not sure there has been anyone named McLovin. It sounds like some made-up fairy tale name to me.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Fogell McLovin

“McLovin is a quite uncommon name, maybe Muhammad would have been a better choice.”

~ Captain Understatement on Fogell McLovin

“We knew he wasn't 25 the whole time, we just wanted to show him that cops weren't dicks.”

~ Cops on Fogell McLovin

“I am McLovin!”

~ Rohan Pratt on Fogell McLovin

Fogell McLovin, or simply McLovin, is a resident of Hawaii and future pedophile. Fogell McLovin loves to buy beer for his friends, he can do it no matter what, unless swarms of cops surround him. He is obviously a geek and could be mistaken for Rohan Pratt.

Plot Synopsis of the Movie this guy is in.[edit]

McLovin with a "girl". This probably won't end well.

Rohan Pratt I mean Fogell McLovin spends most of his life living at 892 Momona Street in Honolulu, Hawaii. He spends his time going to High School, where he hangs out with his friends, talking about chicks. When a big party came up, his friends need car loads of beer for a party when Fogell comes with his ID. Saying that he's an organ donator, the fat guy fucks McLovin out and goes mad. McLovin, the swaying ladie's man makes his way into the Liquor store, oohhhh.... yeah, the LIQUOR STORE!, to buy car loads of beer. When buying his beer, a man wearing a hoodie comes up, punches McLovin and steals all of the money. (this is not The Great Bank Robbery.). The cops arrive where they learn about the African jew. Fogell then learns how to shoot a gun and destroys a cop car. He runs away to the big party where he hits on a girl and does "it". The cops come and the girl runs away and McLovin, the ladie's man, is taken away.

Organs Donated[edit]

As of now, McLovin has yet to donate any organs, as he is "Still using them"...pah. Be wary of people who do take your organs while you are still using them. These are devious members of society that will do anything to snatch your organs and put them in Hamburgers for people's consumption and enjoyment. We are off-topic aren't we? Poppycock.

Leisures and Hobbies[edit]

What do you mean the Movie was a rip-off of another popular form of media?You're...joking, right?
A hobby of McLovin's

McLovin has many interests and hobbies. Some include:

  • Womanizing
  • Wearing a vest
  • Booze-drinking
  • Kicking Total Ass
  • Playing "the Mysterious type"
  • Reading a book
  • Getting punched in the face
  • Being epic
  • Going to Ceiling cat sermons
  • Shooting stuff
  • Reading a book
  • LollerSkating
  • ROFLcoptering
  • This
  • Being a total ass
  • Screaming his ass off in public
  • Looking like Rohan Pratt
  • Islamic names
  • Evil
  • Looks like Nathaniel B