Fonz: The Movie

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Fonz: The Movie is a spin-off movie based on Happy Days, It features The Fonz as the main star, In fact, He's the only star that's noticeable, The movie grossed $120,000,000 on it's first day, In fact, it's still been playing in theaters for years.

In this movie, The Fonz is busy living it up in a club, While suddenly, Aliens attack earth for no reason, The Fonz is told that he is the only hope to stop the alien attack, He then figures out that he has to travel to the planet of Grovemotron to learn some fancy moves, Than go to the planet Eliminatorz to get the power to kill aliens, Plus a sweet alien ride, He then returns to earth to find out that is has been conquered, He then kills some aliens with his cool moves and his tagline "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" Then he gets to the Mothership and challanges the alien to a battle of the death, The Fonz wins after doing some of his signature moves, Then The Fonz is erected a monument, a statue, and $5,000,000,000 in pure cold hard cash, Than the movie ends the same way a Happy Days episode ends.