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Developer: United States Government
Release Date: 2000

foobar2000 is a program developed in the year 2000 by the Federal Government of the United States in an attempt to contact and control alien lifeforms.

Leak to the General Public[edit]

However recently this program was leaked to the general public by a hacker going by the name of Agent Smith, after his escape from The Matrix. Fortunately for the safety of mankind, many of the encryption mechanisms developed in the software have yet to be decoded and as such, all that the program can currently be used for is playing some crappy mp3 files.

It emerged later that Agent Smith didn't actually hack into the databases, but rather simply fucked his way through the Area 51 perimeter and picked up a floppy disk lying on a nearby table.


Shortly after it was leaked to the general public, the United States Government was slammed for it's apparent lack of regard for the welfare of the American citizens. Fears that an alien uprising was imminent provoked several riots in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City which left over 30,000 people dead and another 200,000 injured.

President George W. Bush appeared on several TV shows on NBC, Fox, and CBS, but the presenters were unable to get a straight answer out of him, so instead interviewed a brick, a chunk of lard, and a potato respectively. All 3 attracted more votes than Bush in a later popularity poll held jointly between the 3 stations.

Current Development[edit]

Despite almost 7 years of research into the foobar protocol, no-one has managed to crack the encryption scheme it uses, most likely because no-one gives a shit about aliens. However a troop of hippies has since then developed several programs to significantly change the way the interface looks, although it must be said that they still only played shit music on it.

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