Food Man Group

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Food Man Group

Theatrical release poster
Starring Mark Wahlberg
Dave Mustaine
Tom DeLonge
Music by Lil Wayne
Release date(s) Singapore:
August 19, 2002
Running time 22 seconds
Country Singapore
Language Chinese
Budget $2
Followed by Food Man Group: MacDavid Goes 2 Hell (2005)

Food Man Group is a 2002 porn film about a superhero called Tree Lee, a young teenager who finds out he has a sexual fetish for trees and becomes known in his neigborhood as the local "treefucker". The film was released on August 19, 2002 only in Singapore. It is a parody of the Spider-Man film series. A sequel, Food Man Group: MacDavid Goes 2 Hell, was released in 2005, with a third film being released in 2014.


A young boy called Lee Licorice discovers he has a sexual fetish for trees. He then becomes known as Tree Lee. His friends MacDavid and Pillan Pancake do not know of his superhero identity. He then begins a romantic relationship with a hemp plant in the neighbor's backyard known only as Mary Jane. A mysterious man with Gene Simmons-styled make-up known as The Gay Gobbler then shows up and steals Mary Jane! With the help of his sidekick Tony TakeOut, Tree Lee meets Gobbler at a local McDonald's and finishes the battle, discovering that Gobbler is secretly his former friend Steve. Lee is then reunited with Mary Jane, and the whole neighborhood goes back to normal, but TakeOut goes into Steve's bedroom and opens up the closet, exposing all of his Gobbler tools, and TakeOut plans his revenge on Lee.



The first sequel, Food Man Group: MacDavid Goes 2 Hell, was released in 2005. It told the story of a central character in the Food Man Group, MacDavid, who starts killing people at the McDonald's where the climax of the original film takes place. MacDavid is killed and resurrected to Hell at the end of the film.

A remake of this film, Tree Lee IV: A Fistful of Treefucker, was released in 2009. It failed horribly at the box office.

A third film, FMG3, will be released in 2014 and will focus on TakeOut's revenge on Tree Lee and his transformation into the New Gobbler. It will also tell the story of PEMDAS, a man who gets covered in massive doses of cum and becomes known as Semen, a sperm-shaped supervillain. It has been rumored that Matt Damon will portray PEMDAS in the film.

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