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“Truly a masterpiece”

~ Oscar Wilde on Foofoodoomdiabosticus

“Damn that's crazy dude...hand me another beer”

~ pope on Foofoodoomdiabosticus

“We have reason to believe this word may be the work of vile terrorist groups”

~ George Bush on Foofoodoomdiabosticus

“wow, what a wild ride”

~ Your Mom on Foofoodoomdiabosticus

The Theory[edit]

A man just before experiencing foofoodoomdiabosticusism

The Legend[edit]

As it is told in the 7th page of steve the interns diary, A long time ago in a place far away (last tuesday at micki's pub) there sat a man. This man was no normal man, this man was a drunk man. Taking another drink of absinthe he hit his head upon the bar. This caused the angry lawn gnomes in his head to fight

Chuck Norris demonstrating his Lawn Gnome Punt Kick of Death

back. So they each had a shot of tequila (as gnomes are wont to do) and summoned the spirit of chuck norris. Unfortunately, Norris had been taking a shower. So he rolled the gnomes into a ball, doused them with whiskey, and roundhouse kicked them out the mans mouth. This caused the man to spout the most sacred word in all drunk history. So sacred was it that it did verily make the bartenders head a splode in sheer amazement. And there was much rejoicing.


Websters defines Foofoodoomdiabosticus as the act of Foofoodoomdiabosticusing. We now have reason to believe that this may mean nothing at all and is in fact there because Webster is a jackass. Some claim that the meaning of Foofoodoomdiabosticus is actually a deeper look into the being of the existence of the ability of humans to explore the creative possibilities of nonsensical linguistics. Some others think that the aforementioned people are stuck up word huggers.

Other meanings could be:

-a grue

-crack cocaine

-cheese lightly basted in gravy

-The reason mommy and daddy left each other

-you (see above)

-a sharp kick to the nuts

-omg I lyke nofx m0re th4n j00 noob!!!1!11one

-using an excessive amount of links is fun

-you're ugly! no, not you, that mirror.

Tim the patron saint of Foofoodoomdiabosticusianism


Foofoodoomdiabosticusians are believers of the divine nature of Foofoodoomdiabosticus. Unfortunately this commonly has them at odds with pastafarians and more than one Foofoodoomdiabosticusian has died at the hands of a noodely appendage. Foofoodoomdiabosticusians hold alcohol as sacred above all, and to be consumed whenever possible. They are commonly seen consuming this holy beverage while having nonsensical word contests behind the local mickie Ds.

The 7 Sacred Commandments[edit]

1. Though shalt drink excessively

2. Though shalt spout random nonsense at unsuspecting strangers

3. Though shalt uphold the awesomeness of Foofoodoomdiabosticusianism by being awesome thyself

4. Though shalt always knock one back with thine homies whenever possible

5. Though shalt promise to never wimp out on dares involving alcohol

6. Though shalt remember tim, the great master of our holy beverage

7. Though shalt always crack a cold one in honor of thine beliefs at least once a week

Fun Facts[edit]

Dane Cook's favorite word is known to be Foofoodoomdiabosticus

Chuck Norris claims all rights to Foofoodoomdiabosticus. Of course he also claims the rights to everything else.

There really are no Lawn Gnomes in your seriously man, stop trying to dig them out with a freakin' spoon

By reading this article you agree that your soul is forfeit to the might of Tim, the lord of beer