Foolish Proposition

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Foolish Proposition

Foolish Proposition, Wyoming, is well known for its small but vital role in the construction of the very first sheep pod. It has a long yet disinteresting history, bringing its roots back to the very first sheep farmer in the history of sheep, Linda Sue Bargeldonk.

Today, Foolish Proposition is a bustling hub amid the veritable tens of dozens of sheep farmers wishing to purchase and praise the Sheep Pod.

Foolish Proposition's Humble Beginnings[edit]

On the twelfth of April 11th, 1066 BC, Linda Sue Bargeldonk (a small town hooker with a heart of gold, mostly remembered for bringing the rare endangered Bandersnatch back from the brink of extinction in a snicker-snack (which is actually 30% faster than a twinkling)), awoke from a dream. Doused in a cold sweat, limbs shaking, eyes darting frantic -- she awoke some more. Breathing heavily, she looked over at the sundial on the bedside table beside her head. It was 3:18 in the morning.

She lunged for the paint and papyrus on the floor beside her bed, and immediately jotted down the great Book of Things. Upon reaching the very last page of the book, page 6709, she collapsed dead on the floor.

The very last two words of the book were: foolish proposition

Devout followers of the Book of Things sprung up everywhere. In 1971 they were the second to dominant religion in the known universe. In 1987, they colonized the New World.

Their first colonization was far inland, as their settlers moved about paratrooper style, in comparison to prior colonizations. It found itself deep in the heart of Wyoming. Right in the middle of the small town of Foolish Proposition.

Foolish Proposition had been coincidentally founded a year earlier on the desperate whim of a small-time dealer in antiques and her aunt. They had claimed the miles of flatlands around their newly-built shack to be a massive city. They had given it a name. They had called it "Foolish Proposition".

And when the followers of the Book of Things set foot around this humble shack, those two crazy ladies thought their city had finally come to pass. And the followers believed their Saint Linda Sue's Prophecy had finally arrived.