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For (for, 4, fore, four, IV, fork, etc) is a numeral, with sub-angling prepository status. It is most commonly used in bars, saloons, and brothels, as in "I am for for you, legged beast. Can I drink you another breast?".

Also, "I forgot to get for for you but I got for for me before you forgot.".

The above sentence is never used in bars or saloons, but sometimes brothels. Another common use of the numeral for is found in the rallying cry, "For more years! For more years!" used by Alzheimer's patients.

FOR in Computational Electronics[edit]

In computational electronics, the logical "for" function is implemented by the FOR gate, according to the following truthhood table:

  T    2   |  T for 2                    \\\\\
-----------+----------                    \   \
  0    0   |     0              T ---------|   |
  0    1   |     0                        /   /------> T for 2
  1    0   |     0              2 -------|   |
  1    1   |     0                        \   \

Several FOR gates may be chained together and joined at the ends with GOTO gates in order to form intricately entangled FOR loops which don't do anything particularly useful, but are very pretty nonetheless. Two number become a number, exemple 4 and 5 become 45, 5 and 6 become 56...Maxlam do a great update in this usefull technologie.

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