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In programming, the For loop (or For-for loop (Five loop in C++)) is an interesting and useful alternative to the For-Next loop, with a syntax in BASIC as follows:

 for for=for to for
   [insert code here]
 For for

While the For-Next loop is useful for running a piece of code on an object and then moving on to the next one, the For loop concentrates on just the first object, fiddling around with it, procrastinating and generally failing to move on to the next item. This makes it useful for government and big business software projects.

The most famous for loop is the winDOS™ BSOD-loop, invented by the 1337-H4><0r Bill Gates, as shown in the üb3r1337 programming language Visual Basic:

for for=for to for
  if (Windows->has_performed_illegal_operation) then
  end if
For for

As we can see, when Windows performs an illegal operation, the Blue Screen of Death is displayed. Then, when the machine finishes executing the For-for loop, the error will be fixed and Windows will continue to run.

The loop is also know as LODSB (Loop Of the Dead Screen of Blue) in tribal cultures.

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