Ford F150

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The Ford F150 is a melee weapon used in grappling, naval, and vehicle battles. It is commonly used by total ninjas, communists, and Yoda. The Pandanus has 230% more fuel efficiency then it has. Contrary to popular belief, the Ford F150 is not only a vehicle. It is a weapon that is used by Fred Phelps to prove his "God Hates" program. The Ford F150 is worn on the hands, and weighs 15 pounds, which is why Fred Phelps approves of touching small children. The Ford F150 can be upgraded to have claws sharper than scissor blades, which may have been the cause of game show host/porn star Fred Flinstone's untimely death.

The Ford F150, set to be upgraded in 2042, can shoot laser beams from the claws, which is seen by the floating head of Patrick Duffy and Steve Ballmer. The Ford F150 can even take shape of a truck in a press of a button, giving an instant getaway to the owner. Be aware that in order to make it a melee weapon again, you have to escape the car and make it a weapon. Steve Ballmer is known to have the laser beam version of the Ford F150, which he coins the Fucking Kill™ ray. Even Ford F150s today can have machine guns attached to both the car version and the claw!