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Foreskin is that yucky thing you find on hot soup. When mixed with calcium carbonate, it is known to explode.

Also generic term which is akin to the American pejorative "redskin", and now widely considered derogatory, for the golf-playing native inhabitants of Scotland, who like to scream FOOOORE(skin) to warn fellow Scotsmen getting their golf ball in the nuts. It also refers to the once enclave of the kingdom of Fellatio, which was ceded to Phonecian traders as part of the settlement of The Great Foreskin Revolt, which then led to the creation of Genitalia.

Main Purpose[edit]

The main function of the foreskin is to aid in masturbation. It's common for an individual without foreskin to rely on honey, crisco, lard, lotion, vaseline, shampoo, gasoline, thumb tacks, retards, or even a warm banana peel, but an individual with his/her foreskin attached can masturbate anytime and anyplace (especially in public) without a lubricant.


Despite Scottish outrage and general controversy generated by the name, the English city of Manchester recently approved changing the name of their football team from Manchester United to the Manchester Foreskins.