Forgetting About Poland

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β€œIn Soviet Russia, Poland forgets YOU!!!”

Forgetting About Poland
Directors Joe
Producer A Jewish guy
Executive Producer Another Jewish guy
Writers Oscar Wilde
A monkey
Editor A really bad computer running Windows XD
Distrubutor Fault Dizzknee Productions
Released on December 21, 2012
Languages English
Country Poland, of course
Production Budget A lot of money
Running Time Way too damn long
Gross $15 Sex-tillion
Awards Every award Possible

β€œ'Forgetting About Poland' is possibly one of the greatest films ever made in this whole universe. Its thrilling and epic storyline inspired me never to forget Poland ever again.... and I never have, nor will I ever. And now look at me - I'm the king of Poland! Even if you are mentally disabled and dying from Alzheimer's, this movie will still stick with you for your entire lifetime.”

~ Not Oscar Wilde on Forgetting About Poland

In such a large world, many people tend to forget places within that world. One of the most forgotten countries, for that matter, is a small place known only as Poland. The forgetfull-ability (Is that even a word?) of Poland came to the world's attention when George W. Bush spoke out on the issue. His speech? It was a simple, one-sentence reminder of the country...

"You forgot Poland."

After this, it was brought to the world's attention that Poland actually exists. A couple of random rich dudes from California decided to make a high-budget movie about this issue... And that movie became a fim of epic proportions, a film about love, anger, hate, and of course; Forgetfullness. A film known as--

Forgetting About Poland


A day after the shocking "You Forgot Poland" incident, these 2 rich dudes from California (Who had really weird name, to remind you, which is why I can't quite remember what they were; from now on, I'll call them Joe and Bob) decided to make a movie about how much Poland is forgotten. They put a bunch of money into it, and had a lot of famous people act in it. But, right at last moment, the IRS took away the money that Joe and Bob planned on putting into editing the movie. This lead to them having to edit the movie on a weak-running copy of the Windows XD operating system. Sadly, the computer wouldn't take Joe and Bob seriously; So it took them a while. An extremely long time, to be exact.

About halfway through the post-production process, a bunch of random people randomly started getting really pissed that Joe and Bob were taking so long to make that damned movie.

Even though the production of Forgetting About Poland took over 8 fucking years to get through , the movie was eventually released on December 21, 2012. It wouldn't have taken them as long if Joe and Bob hadn't forgotten about Forgetting About Poland for about 9 months. Anyway, When Forgetting About Poland was finally relased, the release of joy caused the world to end for a few minutes.


The plot is actually very simple. You see, there's some people who want the country of Poland to gain more attention, so they set out on this incredible journey to make Poland even more well-known than America. During their journey, the group encouters Grues, Things with annoyingly long names, and Germans. They try to remind these people of the wonders of Poland and how great of a place it is.

It turns out that everyone gets killed by reall pissed-off Germans in the end. (ZOMG!! TEH SPOILERS!!!11!!1!oneeleventytwo2!)

Also, the whole "Poland being more well-known than America" thing made everyone think that Joe and Bob were Communists. But, at a court trial, it was discovered that Joe and Bob couldn't have been communists, otherwise, movie would have made Joe and Bob!

Also, the judge forgot Poland.


  • George W. Bush: Himself (or so we presume...)
  • Generic overly-herioc guy: Brad Pitt
  • Generic overly-hot chick: (Uncredited)
  • Genric young dude who ends up dieing first: Matt Dillon
  • Old guy: Bob Dylan
  • The Dancing Wood Elf of Systeriya: Gary Coleman
  • Sterotypical Token Black Guy: Chris Rock
  • Grue #1: A grue
  • Grue #2: A grue
  • Batman: Adam West
  • Intrawebz: Al Gore
  • Everyone Else: Other people that don't matter

A lot of people were angry that the overly-hot chick's real-life identity was never revealed. So, there were no horny guys looking up her picture on the internet that night.


The film sparked entirely unconnected riots in twelve cities in South Asia.

But, everywhere else in the world, everyone loved this movie. Hell, it even won a Grammy Award. And the Grammy awards aren't even for movies.

DVD Release[edit]

A DVD release is expected some time within the next 17 years. It is rumored that the DVD version of the film will feature 4 additional hours of unreleased deleted scenes. This adds on to the already-long-enough 5 hours of this movie. Also, the DVD may even feature Joe and Bob talking about how awesome the movie was.


A sequel to Forgetting About Poland is expected to be relased some time in 2052. The working title at the moment is Fogetting About some dude. It's basically the same thing as FOP, but with a different title.... and it has some dude in it.


This is the track listing of the movie's official soundtrack.

  • 1. "You Forgot Poland"- George W. Bush
  • 2. "Why remember Finland when you can remember Poland?"- The Joe and Bob band
  • 3. "This song has absolutely nothing to do with the movie, but it sounds cool, so the producers decided to put in anyway"- I Think Satan Likes Your Mom
  • 4. "Elevator to Purgatory"- Graphite Blimp
  • 5. "Boring"- This guy with a really long and hard-to-pronounce name
  • 6. "The Final Poland"- Africa
  • 7. "You Forgot (Reprise)"- George W, Bush
  • 8. "POOP (Plywood? Oh, Over Poland!?) Pt. 1: Poland>Plywood"- Band
  • 9. "POOP, Pt. 2: Qwerty!"- Band
  • 10. "No"- Yes
  • 11. "Nails screeching down a Polish chalkboard on a Sunday afternoon, after eating a turkey sandwhich with some vanilla pudding on the side, while an air-conditioner is on just a bit to the left of me at full blast, when some dude is listening to "Bohemian Rhapsody" at full volume in the room next door to me, while at the same time, NOT forgetting Poland"- John Cage

Crappy Adaptations and Spinoffs[edit]

Forgetting About Poland has inspired many spinoffs in books, video games, etc. Every single one of them was god awful.

Forgetting About Poland: The Novel is a 1,475-chapter novel based on the screenplay of the movie written by A Polish Guy. Actually, this Polish guy just went online and copy/pasted the original screenplay.

Don't Forget about Forgetting About Poland!: The unforgettable documentary on the unforgettable film that reminds us to not forget about Forgetting About Poland, which reminds you not to forget Poland is a documentary on the making of Forgetting About Poland. Despite the incredibly long title, 2 people actually went to see this movie. It still won a crapload of awards anyway, just because it was based on the "BEST. MOVIE. EVAR."

And remember...[edit]

Don't forget Poland!

K? No really, forgetting Poland should be illegal.