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Dear:Sir/Madam or Other,

A FORM LETTER is a method mass communication that allows its sender to <FILL IN BLANK> about a variety of topics that are best handled by a general letter that can be sent to anyone, and personalized by filling the blanks.

Form letters were once something for the postal mails, but now with email, form letters take on a whole new meaning in mass distribution, and can be used for just about any reason.


From a financial institution[edit]

Dear Account Holder,
This letter is to notify you that your <FILL IN BLANK> is overdrawn to the amount of <FILL IN BLANK>. Please be advised that our holding company will not process checks or drafts drawn on your account until the balance due is made whole and a sufficient amount placed on deposit to cover other drafts.
ACH Coordinator

Place of business form letter[edit]

If you have ever had a yen for <FILL IN BLANK>, then you'll want to check out <FILL IN BLANK>, the Chinese-Cuban bistro which is opening on <FILL IN BLANK> in the <FILL IN BLANK> Shopping Center.
At <FILL IN BLANK> you'll thrill to the <FILL IN BLANK> which delivers the special "Mystery Drink". You'll also feel as if you have been whisked away to Rangoon.
And just to prove to you what a great casual dining experience that you'll have please accept this coupon good for $5 off one of our <FILL IN BLANK>'s, a specialty of the house!
Hope to see you there,
Ted Downs
Sunshine Skyway Club, Channel 6 TV

Juggling multiple love interests while away on work[edit]

Well, I have arrived in prison <FILL IN BLANK>, and all I can do is think about is you. I hate these prison cells, <FILL IN BLANK> - they take me away from you and the fun we have that means so much to me.
So I'm sitting here in this cell and I've been thinking about <FILL IN BLANK> - it helps to pass the time. Do you remember how we <FILL IN BLANK>? It was so beautiful - because making love to you <FILL IN BLANK> is more than sex, its spiritual. And the way you curl up next to me - your <FILL IN BLANK> draped over my <FILL IN BLANK>. God, I wish I could hop on a plane right this minute and get back to <FILL IN BLANK> and you.
So when you go to bed tonight - curl up and think of me, because <FILL IN BLANK>, you'll be on my mind.

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