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Those obsessed with so-called experts should thank their lucky stars that Wikipedia does not have an article about Foursomes.

As the word implies Foursomes have a significant amount to do with arsonists and their need for stamp collecting on consecutive wednesdays of the seventh zodiac. It's the seventh zodiac because seven is undoubtedly a factor of four and duck. Jesus once believed that only in times of great need can you make four and seven turn into Optimus Prime, which is where Jesus got the idea of transforming into stuff, however his antics continually got him nailed to things.

In 1954 Halley's Comet became an integral part in foursomes to do with beastiality envolving bread and copious amounts of industrial strength animal lubricant. Not to be confused with the ISAL or the International Services for Inter-Planetary Land Owners, which later changed its name in 2040 to "Oh shit, how will I get to the land I bought on mars". After some time though Jerry Lewis(the famous astro-physist) discovered a way of inter-planetary travel through an annoying laugh that induced massed rioting and caused small children to cry. It is also said that he was behind the Fourth Nuclear War or FNW, which is not to be confused with baked potatoes made from quartz or the Federation of New Whitewashed Fences, for more info of the FNWF see Huckleberry Finn