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Foxtrot was a comic that is actually a reality comic revolving the Fox Family.

Mr. and Mrs. Fox dancing

The Fox Family was bored with the many dances that came and since Frank Sinatra wasn't popular at the time, the Fox Family did a dance called the Foxtrot. Originally, they used foxes to dance with and until World War II, they stopped using foxes and used real people.

However, the craze died in 1955 when Rock and Roll came to play in areas that were known for the Foxtrot.

Revival (1972-1976)[edit]

The Foxtrot Album.

Roger Fox, the son which parents invented the dance, has made an album which told you how to Foxtrot. The band Genesis provided the music and the dance wasn't the same, especially the last song which was 23 minutes long. The craze died when Disco came.

The Reality (1988-2006)[edit]

This is a normal Foxtrot Comic Strip.

The Fox Family became a comic sometime when Ronald Reagan was dead...or something like that. The comic revolved around the Fox Family.

Jason Fox-1/2 Calvin, 1/2 White and Nerdy, 100% Fox. He loves to do stuff with the internet, especially go into Viacom and read everyone's e-mails. Look out...he's reading yours now!

Paige Fox-High School Freshman who stays in the mall...or at her friend's Nicole's.

Peter Fox-A fan of Bruce Springsteen and now he's a roadie for him, especially for the campaign to put him in the White House. (No, that was John Kerry.)

Andy Fox-A vegetarian who never liked her mother because she did everything perfect and cooked meat rather than healthy stuff. (Who eats tofu anyway?)

Roger Fox-See above.

Other characters-Marcus, Nicole, Steve, Katie, and Calvin and Hobbes

Where are they now?[edit]

Jason is watching you, Paige is in the mall, Peter is with Bruce Springsteen, Andy is competing with Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray, and Peter sold his family to Fox Family (Actually...ABC Family.)