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Frützenfassbruchenschwantzerbleistiftenschlagerbootball is an Austrian folk sport invented by Wilhelm von Spork in 1908. Like bestiality and nose-picking, it is publicly condemned and legally prohibited in many areas yet widely practiced in Austria and Germany whenever people think no one is watching.

The equipment necessary for Frützenfassbruchenschwantzerbleistiftenschlagerbootball is subject to wide local variation, but always involves a small animal of some type, a bicycle pump, tempera paint, a badminton net, Astroglide, and thumbtacks. The German variants of Frützenfassbruchenschwantzerbleistiftenschlagerbootball often also include fresh live baby eels, but these are generally strung together in garlands for decorating the playing field and are seldom actually used in play.


Given the semi-illicit nature of Frützenfassbruchenschwantzerbleistiftenschlagerbootball, official Frützenfassbruchenschwantzerbleistiftenschlagerbootball leagues do not exist, and the rules have not been codified. Aficionados of Frützenfassbruchenschwantzerbleistiftenschlagerbootball tend to be reclusive and unwilling to discuss it. It is generally believed to share much of the rule structure of the American sport Calvinball, of which it is an indirect ancestor.

Notable Players[edit]

Many notable individuals from all over the world enjoy Frützenfassbruchenschwantzerbleistiftenschlagerbootball.

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