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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Frankleberry Boatwrong?

“Frankleberry is my 712th favorite food.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Frankleberry

Frankleberry is the 12th month of the year after November but before December, it contains 30 days all of which are holidays.


In September 2007 a conglomerate of shop owners decided that their yearly profits were not large enough so they asked god to create a new month full of international holidays that require gifts to be given. God thought about it and, after being bribed, agreed to create a new month called Frankleberry, apparently god isn't that good at naming things.


  • Frankleberry 1st: Gift day
  • Frankleberry 2nd: Clothes day - buy people clothes on this day, cheap socks are a deadly insult
  • Frankleberry 3rd: Uncles day - buy your uncle a gift, if you don't have an uncle to give to your an infidel
  • Frankleberry 4th: Treat yourself day: on this day people have to buy themselves presents
  • Frankleberry 5th: Book day - all presents must be books and the only legal way to give them is to throw them at the recipient
  • Frankleberry 6th: Electronic Gift day - same as gift day but gifts must be electronic
  • Frankleberry 7th: Godmas - Gods birthday
  • Frankleberry 8th: Step-fathers day
  • Frankleberry 9th: buy a pet day
  • Frankleberry 10th: gun gift day - use the gun to get rid of unwanted pets from buy a pet day
  • Frankleberry 11th: needs a name day
  • Frankleberry 12th: honestly not a scam day
  • Frankleberry 13th: expensive bad present day - this day is always a friday
  • Frankleberry 14th: Aunts day
  • Frankleberry 15th: big present day - all presents must be large enough to crush a small orphan
  • Frankleberry 16th: poor people day - buy a poor person, give them to your friend as a slave
  • Frankleberry 17th: 17th of Frankleberry - like the 4th of July only fireworks are mandatory and expensive
  • Frankleberry 18th: brothers day - buy your brother or black people presents on this day
  • Frankleberry 19th: sex toy day - the only thing allowed to be bought on this day is sex toys
  • Frankleberry 20th: England day - all presents must be English, and expensive
  • Frankleberry 21st: U.S.A day - all presents must be badly made, over priced and break within a day of buying them
  • Frankleberry 22nd: Sons day - give your son a present
  • Frankleberry 23rd: Suns day - give the sun a present
  • Frankleberry 24th: Debt day - same as gift day but describes what people are in by now
  • Frankleberry 25th: Baby day - buy a baby and give it to the nearest single person you know, then watch their eyes light up
  • Frankleberry 26th: Weapon day - celebrates weapons and can get rid of unwanted babys
  • Frankleberry 27th: Non-existent day - buy things that don't exist and give them to your friends
  • Frankleberry 28th: Athes day
  • Frankleberry 29th: large debt day
  • Frankleberry 30th: building day - buy buildings as presents

Almost death[edit]

during Frankleberry 2007 a so-called president Alice Cooper declared Frankleberry "not a real month" but then he was assassinated by a baby born during that month who did not want to never see its' first birthday

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