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Creationism of the genre[edit]

In 1987 Edward J. Fraps sat down and composed his magnus opus, the Historium del Aquitum Viquae. A 3 minute song that shook the world by storm, he had created the first ever Frap. Related to rapping, first cousin twice abbreviated in fact, this genre of music has been popular ever since Mr T said his catchphrase about it, particuarly among those who follow the works of Oscar Wilde. That's right, The Fins. From Finland.

Following his creation he then went on to create a way for computers to measure frame rates and record videos and stuff like that: Fraps. It is also used for testing if games have consumed illegal drugs like "Hydrogenated Monooxide" which allow game people to cheat online. However Fraps was not a success and all the copies but some were burnt underground in the Desert by Atari (company) in 2020, except for the copies which weren't burnt at all.

The subsequent history of the genre[edit]

In 1988 the first Frap music entered the charts at number three and two thirds, with the single "My baby is nine months old" (a touching song about a small child named Herbergelsturm), and the teenagers went wild, buying loads of the singles and burning them then purchasing more, and throwing underwear at policement. This resulted in England being put under Emergency Powers and Mrs Thatcher ruled with an iron fist in an iron glove covered by a woolen mitten until the young people's madness stopped. The police attacked anyone wearing the distinctive Frapping clothes: knee length socks, shorts, shirts, and braces, with sandals and wellies covering the feet, and three children died of their injuries. In 1989 a national celebration was held when the Madness of 1988 as it was called, ended, and the bodies of the three children were paraded around to show that That Sort of Thing Will Not Do. Mrs Thatcher was cheered at and went on to rule for four brilliant millenia. But still, underground the Frapping scene continued, and by 1999, ten years later, it was famous again and what's more, the now liberal authorites let it be, due to having more pressing concerns like Huffing Kittens. Dick van Dyke is the current Frapping Champion, or FrapKing, and ten thousand of his Music Discs are bought every Tuesday.

A sample of "Frap" for your pleasure[edit]

Equoutez et reppetay

Temporum distantum

Coolio duc d'Almonde troisième

obtenia "laid" avec muchos plaisir

Get down get down

You fat fat chicks

Get down get down


Oh yeah

Fat Fat Birds

Mes grosses oisseaux