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Freaknik: I didn't do it is a book and 2010 Album based off the book by Hip-Hop-Rap Artist Bounty Hunter Robert 'Bubba' Fett. Both the book and the Album were released on March 20, 2010 months after he escaped capture by the police. The Original novel was written during Fett’s stay in Cambodia after the famed Disney/Marvel assassinations in August 2009. The Album was originally titled Purple Rain.

Plot of the Book[edit]

The book follows the Story of Bubba’s life. The Books beings early in Bubba’s life with the Arc: Actor Fett[1]. Bubba grew up with his father Jango Fett who wanted him to take up a carrier in Bounty Hunting[2]. Despite his incredible skills Bubba chooses to major in acting while attending collage. After a brief appearance Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi he fell out of Hollywood due to marriage failure and Drugs, followed by the death of his Father[3].

The Books Second Arc: Gangsta Fett[4], follows Fett as he takes up Bounty Hunting for 3 years before falling into a music carrier with childhood Friend T-bone when they released their first album Bobalicious [5]. Fett’s career takes off as he scores women, booze, and Blow. After releasing a second successful album: Mamma Cap ya, and a unsuccessful Third Album: Slave Ya Flav. Bobba’s carrier begins to plummet. Thankful the artist refused to hit rock bottom, and continued recording Music one single at a time. In 2007 Bubba releases his 4th album: Lightflavor.

The Third Arc of the Book: Outlaw Fett:[6], reveals the Album gets mixed reviews and Bubba begins taking Up bounty hunting again. During which he is signed into an unbreakable contract with Mickey Mouse to Kill several Marvel super heroes to aid in the Disney Company buyout of Marvel Industries [7]. After receiving his pay Bubba is forced to go on the run Fleeing into Canada. During his stay he comes up with a new Album idea titled Purple Rain[8], which he planed to base off his life story. Bubba returns to the states to announce his new album, but is forced to flee south.

The Final Arc titled Freaknik Fett[9], Tells Fett’s Adventures as he quickly fleas south. Stopping only momentarily to celebrate the biggest Rapper Event in 10 years known as Freaknik. Fett meets up with Fellow rapper T-Bone. The Two win a major Rapping competition and Bubba leaves just as police track him down. The Book ends with Bubba handing the books manuscript over to a publishing company, and Bubba himself beginning to record a new album [10].

The Album[edit]

Album Cover

The Main album was distributed with the book. The Album contains 10 of Bubba’s top songs along with 22 new songs from the book.

Songs Include (** Released on Previous Albums):

Newborn Baby Hunters Union

  • Pritty Boy**
  • Nadda place called Hollywood
  • Bobalicious**
  • Mamma Cap Ya**
  • Slave ya Flav**
  • Lightflavor**
  • On da run
  • Freaknik
  • Fett a Reborn


The Album and Book were both acclaimed by critics who gave both item thumbs up. The book was considered “an Enjoyable read” by the Pope, and “An awesome Biography with twists, Turns, and a ending that makes you cry” by Corey Feldman. The album received even better positive reviews, catching the praise of artists like: Ozzy Osbourne, Jabba Hut, and Will Smith. There is some consavurcy over the book due to the lack of information involving the death of Fett's Fellow artist Michael Jackson. Fett did not mention Jackson at all, or the three years the duo spent living with 3 other musical Artists in LA [11].


Paramount, and 20th Century fox are both currently up for bid on producing a musical film version to the book both were later beaten out by Warner Brothers. When Disney executives were asked if they had an interest in the story they proceeded to hang themselves shortly after. Disney had no idea the Fett had made the book in the first place, and after learning that fett had spilled the beans and pointed the finger at them they realized there so no chance of stopping the books lunch. When they learned that the book was being made into a movie. They proceeded to kill themselves rather then watch Disney's stock plummet.

Warner Brothers asked m. Night Shyamalamadingdon to write and direct the film. He agreed to the idea and promised there would be none of his signature plot twists. Steven Spielberg offer to help produce the film along with Joel Shoemaker. Casting has begun for the film with Robert Downey Jr. Playing Fett[12], T-Bone is to be played by Samuel L. Jackson, and Mickey Mouse will be voiced by Kermit the Frog. Jeff Bridges was originally asked to play the role of Jango before his death and was replaced with Anthony Hopkins.


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