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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Freemasons?

“Those guys that control the world.”

~ Captain Obvious on Free Masons

“Ooh! Free? May I partake?”

~ Oscar Wilde on Free Masons

The Free Masons is an element of homosexual bastard's cult association Freemasons. This element has a very big difference between the original Freemasons.
It is:
Free Masons


Anyways forget that stupidity. But yes, everyone sure that we are soo stupid. Don't blame me, because this organization is created by an ignorant comedian Charlie Chaplin. He was formally a member of old school Freemasonry, but he decided to create this element because he concepted an original & more swift & more horny way to control the whole fucking world.

How it became a Millionaire slut[edit]

For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Free Masons.
We still remain this fucking symbol. One Eye dumb Pyramid.

Born of Chaplin[edit]

The Freemasons was originally a secret agency that plans to control whole fucking universe blablabla.... please read Freemasons for it's their details. Anyway here we want to talk about Free Masons.

The Free Masons is an element of Freemasonry that created by a British-American-Egyptian comedian Charlie Chaplin in 1762. Chaplin was born in poor household on Dover channel in 1759. He grew up with guns and drugs, fighting along gangsters who starving for foods etc. These experiences made Chaplin strong enough against the controversies of creation of Free Masons later.

After he graduated Dover Grammar high school, he started to read a book about Jesus Christ, because he interested in how Jesus became popular among girls. A year later he found out that there's movement called Freemasons which is trying to dominate the world by money and capitalism and create the World Govenment, known as the New World Order. Chaplin quickly became a member, and presentated the results of his research about Jesus Christ.

The truth about Conspiracy thoughts[edit]

There are many people who believe that Freemasons is the one who control the world economics, politics, energy and every factor from the mass media, internet, movie, TV broadcasting to where do you live, what's your car and who' your mom. Perhaps it's not surprising thing, because old school Freemasonry declared to dominate the world by money and capitalisms, and you still can find few traces of their activity. However, they changed their policy after Free Masons born. As I said.

So don't believe the "conspiracy thoughts" just like "Freemasonry made the Iraqi war", "Freemasonry are promoting terrorisms", "Freemasonry are spreading violences throughout the mass media". It is lack with eye-witnesses, and you know, our policy is just porn, porn, ponr.

Ancient Free Mason Cities[edit]

  • Los Angeles - Abandoned
  • Utah - The Amish are Free Masons who have abandoned technology
  • Winnipeg - A Frozen Wasteland. Need I say more?
  • Washington - You didn't REALLY think it was built by the Americans did you?
  • Milwaukee - Really... Did you see it coming?

Prominent Free Masons[edit]

What Have They Invented?[edit]

Since the Masons came 'round, they have made some changes...

  • Sex with children
  • Global Warming.
  • Three Ice Ages.
  • Communism.
  • California.
  • Happiness, and destroyed it as soon as the patent came through. Don't smile, they can sue you.
  • Anticommunism
  • A new type of idiot: "Politicians"
  • They faked the moon landing, and are filming the new Jupiter landing; Word on the street says it's directed by Peter Jackson.
  • They made Iceland warm and Greenland cold.
  • They took "Friends" off the air.
  • A type of rat poison, and marketed it as "Tylenol".
  • The invisibility shield hiding Atlantis, and they won't tell us where it is.
  • Pain and, possibly, suffering.
  • Pointy Things
  • Goats
  • Flemmoid-Zorching Bootsporks
  • Frisbee
  • n00bz
  • Commie Ninjas
  • Panhandler's
  • Pr0n
  • Homework
  • Rape with long shafts
  • Bloop Bloop's
  • The Theoretical Boundary Between Time And Space That Exists Only Between Isotopes Of Similar Properties And Like Natures
  • A massive book industry devoted to rumours of a secret mason stranglehold on governments and other conspiracies.

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