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There are rock anthems and then there's Freebird, Staiway may have the melody, My Generation may have the lyrics and instrument smashing but only Freebird has the 7 minute guitar solo that won't be beaten it can't be beaten for surely the whole universe would be turned upside down and inside out if there was to be a greater guitar solo.


Hillbillys Lynyrd Skynyrd had just finished their long day of chewing tobaccy,shooting squirrels and burning crosses and they decided to write a song when they were attcked by a stray parrot. This parrot was eventually tamed through the typical hillbilly way (moonshine until flaming) while the parrot flew around like "that purdy comic book picture" (Billy May Spriggins - eyewitness) it began to chatter and whistle this gave lead guitarist Allen Collins an idea he grabbed his guitar and played what the bird was singing. This turned into the solo.

The first part of the song[edit]

Gives listeners the chance to waist zippo lighter fuel and builds the anticipation of the awesome guitar solo thats coming.

The Guitar Solo[edit]

Is so awesome if sped up the device on which you are playing it wil explode along with everything within a two mile radius. When played backwards it gives the listener superpowers for 2 minutes.

It is so awesome the USA government created an organisation under the cover of another police force called the FreeBird Insulators (FBI)

The original guitar which the solo was played on is kept in a cryogenic freezer in Area 51 where the neck and fretboard still burns in an eternal flame coarsed by the friction created by the frantic finger movement.