Freelant's I Revolution

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Freelant's I Revolution happen the UIE:s Freelant's island years 1055-64. War claimed 250 000 of lives.

War started[edit]

Year 1055 Sir Samuli Freelantilainen die 62 years old. Fredrik Thompsonialainen seize the power from provisional and declared the revolution started.

War 1055-59[edit]

Thompsonialainen draw up plan maney months, when 1056 he attack first time to an ex-provisonal's headquarter Trondlinna, but lost the that battle and lost 1000 soldiers.

Year 1058 he attack second time to the ex-provisonal's headquarter, again he lost and lost 1050 soldiers. He flee the country next year, so that could alone a next plan.

War 1060-64[edit]

Year 1060 provisional attack to Thompsonialainen's headguarter Flareon (current Flyon). Provisionals attack is complete and they conquered to headquarter and thought win the civil war. But Thompsonialainen's army set the headquarter on fire and 120 000 soldiers die in fire. 1000 get off from fire, but nor defend himself and they all killed. Provisional's chief Henrik Lax was anyway missing.

Her search four years, when 1064, him found dead under of Gulf of Finland close to beach of Estonia. Thompsonialainen rise to power and declared the end of revolution.

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