French Noblemen

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A french nobleman on ecstasy.

A french nobleman (un gentilhomme, in native tongue) is one with a penis who resides in England, serving of the peasant class. French noblemen tend to serve none but their lords of manor; the great Chickens of Kyrgyzstan. Reknowned for their skills of disembowelment of remote controls, the French Noblemen of England have always been feared. French noblemen are born from the Noble du Franze tree; blooming similar to that of oranges until they fall off and break their legs. The first two months of a French Nobleman's life is spent in agony.


The first French Nobleman was discovered on Mars in 1 AD. There was some debating over whether or not he was Jesus, who had simply flew from his cross to become a Martian refugee, or whether he was indeed, a French Nobleman of English Decent. He died of loss of oxygen before anyone could demand answers, though.

A french nobleman, passing some time smoking a J.

French Noblemen enjoy drinkin' down the ales, smokin' up the Cannabis Sativa, shootin' the heroin sideways, and snortin' the cocaine diagonally to the left. Because of this, French Noblemen were never known to live long. They also like to toil in the fields while making their slaves clean their feet. french noblemen were known for growing maraquana feilds and selling them to pay off their subprime morgage.

Racial Dispute[edit]

French Noblemen, while hailing from France, come from England. French in name, they be English in honour. French Noblemen are confused on their alignment, and during wars between France and England, many French Noblemen of English Decent have been known to murder other French Noblemen of English Decent, not knowing which side which French Nobleman of English Decent was fighting for.

French Englishmen of Noble Descent[edit]

A French Englishman of Noble Descent is a man who was born to an English Mother and a French Father, born in the city of Noble, Pluto. Considering the detrimental health effects of Pluto's utter lack of oxygen and negative six billion temperatures, French Englishmen of Noble Descent are extremely rare.