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The most widely anticipated human in the world.
Reign 5000 AC - 6000 AC
Born March 22, 2002
somewhere in California
Died not applicable
Predecessor friendster 0
Successor friendster +2
Consort quadrillions
Issue More people engaged into a crime (e.g. snatching).
Father Father Friendster
Mother Mother Friendter
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“Friends are hard to find if you want to find them...Right?”

~ You

“Friends are killers of tomorrow”

~ A friend

Friendster was said to be a futurist, theoretical physicist, and an author. In the late 2002, he/she remarkably born 'cause him/her mother aborted him/her. I saw that he/she cries a lot when he/she knows that attempt in October 2, 2002. No one wants him/her 'cause of his appearance. As the time goes by, he realizes that he/she needs some friends. So in that time, he made a social networking website that caress him/her. TOO MUCH FOR THAT!

Damaged Done[edit]

As he grows over 900 googolplex registered users and 61 googolplex unique users, the damaged he/she felt was so tremendous.

1. All of the registered users in his/her site punished into such kind of insomnia 'cause of wanting to add friends, posting comments, etc.

2. Friendsterism punished the whole Southeast Asia by a storm. Demolition jobs in the government rises because of it.

3. Global Finacial Crisis strikes Asia 'cause of it (without knowing that friendster do that for him/her to have a lot of friends).

4. Many Asians especially Filipinos was able to produce a well-trained *****(their highly gifted workers).

Friendster's Site Basic Features[edit]

Log-in -Is the power tool, the magic textbook (text box?) , and sometimes the called the horny used to access inside the friendster's site.

Home -The page where users usually think what shall they do...They usually do is that they try add some friends. If the user is a teenage boy, he tries to court the girl who is his friend. He gives some comments like pictures of a flower, gifts, and most of the time, hi!, hello!, etc.

Profile -It is the soul of the friendster where you will see the layout of the respective user. Ehem! As i said earlier, courtship is legal here (I said that?). Where you can have a lot of girlfriends and boyfriends even gayfriends and lesbianfriends and also bisexualfriends...NOSE BLEED! You will also kinda... I don't know what to say... ah... UH HA! Friendster Profiles are available in your leading websites right now...! Yeah now!

Log-out -The exit point of the site... The way for you to escape from your damn Friendster account.

List of Common Comments [edit]

Did you know…
In the year 6000, friendster will achieve 10 x 10^99 sextillion registered users if and only if there is a computer still existed in that time.

1. HI!


3. :)

4. :(

5. Thank's for the add (cheers for the add)

6. :D

7. ?

8. mind to intro.

9. Keep Safe

10. nice to meet you

11. =)

This list is unofficial so better luck next time... Don't make this stupid comments again. LOL! It sucks! I remember friendster... he/she first introduce this comments in order for him/her to ease his/her (redundant?) pain inside. :( It seems you don't know what i'm talking about... SLOW! He he he! Guilty!