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"Froob" (also Fr00b) is a term used to designate n00bs who have used illegal hacks or their very rich friends too become very powerful, or at least very hard to kill/stop/ban/etc.

How Froobs are formed[edit]

Normally, the thousands of n00bs born everyday are eventually weeded out by nature's very useful natural selection before they have a chance to become a regular non-n00b player, or even before they can venture 10 feet into the PvP zones. This is done to prevent non-n00bs from becoming insane by the thousands and of n00bs following everyone asking for money and rare items. However, every now and then, a n00b manages to escape nature's anti-n00b defenses just long enough to fend for themselves. How they do this varies, from using hacks to getting very strong weapons and armor from their rich friends. Whatever the case, the n00b grows in power, getting powerful enough to beat even me in 1-on-1 combat! Strangly, the n00b does not get any smarter; he just stays as dumb as a, well, as a n00b. Before anyone knows it (especially himself) a froob is born.

How to identify a Froob[edit]

Due to powerful armor, weapons, and combat level, froobs are able to (unintentionally) blend in with the non-n00b populace quite well. Because of this, a froob's behavior is probably the only thing you can use to identify him as a froob.

To tell if a person is a froob instead of a non-n00b, ask yourself these questions: does the person in question:

  • Follow you around asking for free stuff?
  • Act very stupid and/or ignorant?
  • Fight really weak monsters even though he could probably kill the end boss?
  • Get surprised at how fast he kills said weak monsters?
  • Use really old Chuck Norris jokes?
  • Blunder into the most obvious traps?
  • Think that a Bronze sword is worth lots of money?
  • Fear grues even though he can easily kill them?
  • Think "All your base are belong to us" is in style?
  • Act like a n00b?

If the answer is yes to at least one of these questions, the person is almost definitely a froob (or a n00b in disguise).

How do I deal with Froobs?[edit]

Just don't engage them in combat; they will kill you. Let them wander around doing n00bish stuff for the rest of their lives. If they follow you around for money and free stuff, log out for five minutes (also works on n00bs).

What do I do if I am a Froob?[edit]

Use all that money you have to buy some brain surgery. When you leave the hospital, you should be much smarter. If not, raid the hospital and get your money back. Repeat at another hospital.

Famous Froobs[edit]

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