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Couple performing frottage rite

“Always use a rubber”

~ the Frottage Cottage Handbook

Frottage is a religious cult in which members seek spiritual closeness by rubbing their souls together, at mealtimes, through the skin of their bodies.

Although most Frottage followers pair off in heterosexual couples to perform their rubbing ritual, which, named for the cult, is also known as "frottage" (with a lowercase "f"), among the members of more liberal Frottage groups, men sometimes pair off with other men or women join other women to perform the act.

Permissibility of using any body part[edit]

Any part of the body can be rubbed against another person, because science has established that the soul, which was once believed to reside exclusively in the pea-size pineal gland, inhabits the entire body. Although women-women couples sometimes rub their souls together through their breasts, most celebrants of the rite of frottage elect to do so through the mutual rubbing together of their genitals, as this contact is considered more intimate.


Frottage is an ancient cult, the origin of which is lost to antiquity. Allegedly, it was partly responsible for the rise of Gnosticism during the early years of Christianity. Frottage is mentioned in the world's oldest literary work, The Epic of Gilgamesh, as a practice in which Gilgamesh engaged with his animal-human hybrid friend, Enkidu, and it is also referenced in the Torah of the ancient Hebrews and in the Hindu holy scriptures that are known, collectively, as the Bhagvad Gita. Frottage is depicted in the erotic statues that decorate the temples in Khajuraho, India, and elsewhere as well. In addition, frottage is considered by some historians to be the inspiration for the nursery rhyme "Rub-a-Dub-Dub" and for a variety of X-rated films.


Done properly, frottage is considered not only a holy ritual but also a safe-sex practice. For this reason, homosexual men have added it to their regular sexual activities.

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