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Frying is a chemical process by which any substance is catalyzed into an edible and tasty snack. The process of frying was initially discovered by scientists under the Nazi regime. It was later perfected by the United States government in the 1950s as a possible method of creating food supplies in a post-atomic war scenario. Should an apocalypse occur in the near future, frying will be useful method for rendering rubble, dirt, and corpses into edible (and tasty) food.

Description of the Chemical Process[edit]

The frying process begins with any type of matter: i.e. protein, bone, cellulose, styrofoam, plastic, rubber, or prions. The matter is immersed in a catalyst made from lipids. Once heat is applied, frying converts all matter into mostly edible and completely tasty food by infusing the molecules within with tastyons, elementary particles which transmit tastiness. The table below shows the versatility of the frying process.


Effects of Frying on Different Materials
Potatoes.jpg FrenchFries.jpg
Starchy and tasteless tuber Delicious side dish
Onions.jpg OnionRings.jpg
Malodorous bulbs Delicious and fun side
Zucchini.jpg FriedZucchini.jpg
Icky bland awful vegetable Tasty appetizer
Mushroom.jpg FriedMushrooms.jpg
Bland fungal growth Delicious appetizer
Batter.jpg Funnel cake.jpg
Disgusting ground grain goo Yummy artery clogger
Chicken.jpg FriedChicken.jpg
Disease-carrying fowl Yummy picnic entrée
Catfish.jpg FriedCatfish.jpg
Filthy bottom-feeder Fine dinner entrée
Frog.jpg FrogLegs.jpg
Icky slimy amphibian Finger-licking finger food
Squid.jpg Calamari.jpg
Disgusting slimy sea creature Yummy appetizer
Medusa.png Falafel.jpg
Pompous blowhard Scrumptious meze/sex toy


When the frying process is applied to a substance that is already tasty, the tastyon density reaches a critical density, resulting in unusual quantum effects. The tastyons form virtual pairs which travel freely without any loss of energy. At this stage, a unique phenomenon called supertastitivity occurs. Supertastitivity represents a new frontier in frying physics, and many of the properties of a supertastitive substance are poorly understood. However, usually, when a substance achieves supertastitivity, it becomes too much of a good thing.


Effects of Supertastitivity
MBar.jpg Marsbig.jpg
Gooey brown bar Overly good gooey brown bar
Icecream.jpg Fried icecream.jpg
Tasty lactose and sugar Overly delicious treat

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