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Look at the tattoo I got last night while I was fucked out of my head

“While I generally frown on the frivolous things that people in the 211st century engage in, I do indeed find that 'fucking' is a worthwhile activity.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Fucking

“Hey I never said that!”

~ Oscar Wilde on His own quote

“Dude, I totally rammed that chick last night. Derp.”

~ Some redneck guy on Fucking

Fuck Me[edit]

No seriously, I want you to fuck me. Right now. Yes, here.

Note: Not a sexual reference

History of the word 'fuck'[edit]

It is believed that someone was playing a game where they swapped the first two letters of each word and found themseves saying 'dat fuck' instead of 'fat duck' and then went around saying it to all their friends, whom had no idea what he was talking about, and for a while strongly believed he was mentally retarded. However, this being in the 1400's, nobody voiced this opinion (at least, not too loudly), and the phrase caught on.


The word spread around the globe as fast as anything, and within only 600 years, a reasonable amount of people were saying 'fuck' every now and then. This feat is truly amazing and awe-inspiring.

The 1800's attempt at crushing the word 'fuck' forever[edit]

When a servant was caught trying to stick his genitalia into the anus of a duck, there was a global call for the word 'fuck' to be burnt at the stake and never used again.

However, nobody could devise a way to do this, short of burning off everybody's tongue (a practice that was largely popular with some of the upper-class in the early 1900's). Because of this, people gradually began to say Damn, there's nothing we can do. Anyway, I don't give a fuck. Oh shit, I said 'fuck'. And again! Gah, this isn't my day today.

Modern Day Usage[edit]

The word 'fuck' actually has no definition in the dictionary, namely because it is the dictionary. It can mean almost anything;

  • Drunkedness: Damn, we got fucked last night
  • Sex: Damn, we fucked last night
  • Scamming: Damn, that guy fucked us last night. REAL HARD
  • Ways to deal with pain: Fuck! Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Jesus, fuck no.
  • Orgasm: Fuck! Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Jesus, fuck yes.
  • Erotica: Fuck me (generally accompanied by forced panting and saying something gay like 'I'm going to go and slip into something more comfortable').
  • Intensifier
  • LAG! I fucking shot that guy! He's fucking hacking!
  • Violence: Give me the money or I'll fuck you up, bro
  • Item/ sign: (To a beggar) Oh, you want a handout? Let me just... find something, ah, here we go (extends middle finger).

Specific uses in context[edit]

Fuck Me[edit]

Asexual buttons cause controversy among the mainstream public.

This has 2 meanings.

Anger, disdain[edit]

Yo, I've got some bad news. Your entire family died in a car crash.

What do you mean 'my entire family'? I'm alive. Do I not even count as being a member of my own family? Fuck me.

Being a bitch in the nicest possible way[edit]

Bitches generally say/ scream this during sex.


  • FUCK ME!!!!
  • Fuck me.... harder

This is generally when at/ reaching orgasm, and is rather redundant seeing as the person being told to do the action is already doing that action. This reflects how stupid women can be when they've got something in their vagina; When a woman is being a bitch (or a guy who is a complete pussy), one commonly heard phrase is man, she's got sand in HER vagina.

This brings up the question as to whether all woman should be turned in zombie-like creatures with only base instincts to fuck men, and not say/ do any retarded shit. That is, however, another article.

I don't give a fuck[edit]

This has caused much controversy as the meaning is unclear.

Is the speaker referring to a disinterest to give sexual favours, or is 'fuck' actually an object?

I don't know, I would... but I can't find the hole.

Fearing the latter, scientists have been experimenting to find this 'fuck' (many theories were that a 'fuck' was a fundamental particle that made up the quark). However, to this date there has been no progress as to finding this item.

One man proposed that a 'fuck' would never be found because when you discover something, you give it whatever name you want, so calling something a 'fuck' gives no actual bearing on what the item is.

His mutilated body was found in a dumpster, with a note saying 'fuck you' left next to his body. No scientists ever claimed responsibility, although Stephen Hawking did seem a bit sheepish for the next few days.


There was a film called Baise-Moi meaning Fuck Me, however it is a French film, so noone really gave a fuck.

In case you're interested, a couple of bitches get gang-raped, and then decide that this means everyone in the entire world is evil, and go on a killing spree.

See: Dumb Bitches

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