Fucked Up Wrasslin' Vol 1

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WWE gone completely... Well, fucked up.

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Promotional Poster given to everyone who attended and official poster for F.U.W

Fucked Up Wrasslin (F.U.W), also known as Heroes of Wrestling, is a wrestling ppv sponsored by the Supreme Court of America and held Yesterday.... You missed it ya dumbass!

Boerwering Matches[edit]

  • Darth Vader defeated Lesbians
    • Force chokeslam (my the wonders of the force)
  • MLB Brawl Match: Pedro Martinez defeated Don Zimmer
    • Full Force kick to stomach easy win for Martinez.
  • Cactus Jack vs. Dude Love vs. Mankind vs. Mick Foley (No Contest)
    • Only 1 showed up (you figure it out who it was)
  • Pat Patterson defeated Irish Pat Kenney
    • The stipulation was an inferno match so Pattterson won when the bell rang (he's been flaming for years)
  • Kelly Clarkson defeated Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, and David Cook in a 7-Man bout.
    • Kelly Clarkson hit the high note that knocked out the sweaty, low stamina Ruben Studdard. Clarkson made the pin on Studdard.
    • The guest referee was Simon Cowell.
  • 14 man Tag Match: Team Idol Winners: (Kelly, Ruben, Fantasia, Carrie, Taylor, Jordin, and David C.) defeated Team Idol Runner-Ups (Justin, Clay, Diana, Bo, Katharine, Blake, and David A.)
    • This match was made by head booker Paula Abdul following the 7-man bout.
    • The rules were changed mid-match. Ryan Seacrest announced that viewers can call to vote which team would win. 69% for Idol Winners, 27% for Runner-Ups, and 4% of viewers didn't vote. Infinity + 1 Votes were cast.
  • Nickelodeon beat Disney Channel in a 3-man tag team match
    • Team Disney was: The Jonas Brothers(Gay, Homo and Asswhipe)
    • Team Nickelodeon was: Spongebob, Jimmy "The Jet" Neutron and Justin Timberlake
    • The match was ended when the Jonas Brothers started to sing and the crowd beat the living shit out of them

Kool Matches (on fire!!)[edit]

  • Kane and Beavis and Butt-head Beat themselves in an inferno match
    • They collapsed and fell out of ringside, thus lighting them on fire(huh huh huh). Yes they did two inferno matches in one PPV - this is after all fucked up wrasslin'.
  • Super Mario def. Luigi in winner gets Peach contest
    • Luigi got distracted by that Bowser
  • M.Bison beat Abyss in a Macarena Contest to retain the Street Fighter Dance Title
    • Abyss didn't know how to do the macarena (Due to his big fat ass), so M.Bison got the easy victory.
  • Yo Mama defeated Chuck Norris for the Texas Ranger title
    • Yo Mama stole Chuck's signature Round-house kick and whopped his ass with it


On the DVD set, there are many special features, included are:

  • Vince forcing spanish commentator Hugo Savinovich to kiss his ass.
  • Hornswoggle's execution
  • Tay Zonday's execution
  • Floyd Mayweather, Shane McMahon, Donald J. Trump, and Ted DiBiase having some "money talks".
  • The Iron Sheik beating up midgets at the Laugh Factory.
  • Cryme Tyme's NIGGER song (theme played backwards) (No CM Skunk scum)
  • Ric Flair's boring documentary
  • Owen Hart's famous "suicide dive" that costs a whoopin' life to use once, but has a almighty about of damage.
  • █████ ██████ death video
  • Dan Hibiki interfering the WWE Championship match between Shawn Michaels (c) and Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 14. Triple H gave Dan over Nine-Thousaaaaaaaand pedigrees after Dan pwned Shawn with a weak-ass Gadoken.
  • AND lastly, TNA bombing WWE Headquarters, but thanks to Vince spraying the building with steroidice, it didn't collapse!!