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Funny Overloads are extreme cases of laugher which are known to cause death in extremely controlled conditions. It is also listed as a Weapon of Mass Destruction in the US government data base. Imagine the funniest thing you've ever seen, then multiply that by about 100x, and you have the non-lethal form of an funny overload. Symptoms include; laughing hysterically, seizures, and foaming of the mouth. Note never try this on ANYONE because then the parents of that person are going to have your ass, and you just lost yourself a lot money.

Non-Lethal Form[edit]

Child driven to violence after a funny overload

A non-lethal funny overload rarely happens, (mainly because it takes an event 100x funnier than the funniest event you've ever seen to make you go into this form of overload). The ability to experience humor, for that matter, is hard to do. For example, satire, like Uncyclopedia, may rely more on understanding the target of the humor, and thus tends to appeal to more mature audiences. While non-satirical humor can be specifically termed "recreational drollery". Basically, some claim that humor cannot be explained. A man once said that "Humor can be dissected as a frog can, but the thing dies in the process and the innards are discouraging to any but the pure scientific mind." Such a wise man wastes his time on humor. Just remember, it won't happen in your life time, if it were to, it would be as funny as a person going to hell, but was good all his life. Rather sad if you were to think about it. Why would a good person go to hell, well, I guess you can't bribe the richest man in the universe. Remember, non-lethal funny overloads are funny, but not deadly.

Lethal Form[edit]

The lethal form of a funny overload happens when a person sees an event which is 1,000x funner than the funnest thing they've ever seen. This event is as rare as a non-lethal funny overload, yet rarer because one can actually die. Remember, lethal funny overloads are funny, but deadly, so use sparingly. Scientist have made a distinction from non-lethal and lethal.

Possible Causes[edit]

Non-lethal funny overloads usually come about after someone: watches T.V, listens to radio, watching animals hurt themselves, laughs at someone in a fight, gloats after a video and computer game match, laughs to win a staring contests, white-out falls on someone's clothing, involves sharpies, pushes someone down some stairs, watches the "Maury" show,(it gets it's own category) and beats a rival school at one of the biggest games of their pathetic life.
This kid is also having a form...wait, ain't that the same kid?
Lethal form of funny overloads usually follows an event like the ones listed above, adding the possibility of death when: someone dies on the T.V (most presumably some guy/gal you know from school who you hate), a radio show goes on for hours on a topic that's so funny, that you start having seizures, after an animal starts to fall off a tightrope, the fight comes to some bystander’s way and he gets beaten up for no reason, the guy gloating about winning the game somehow suddenly dies, the guy laughing you out in a staring contest dies, some married couple find out they're brother and sister or when the rival school wins and you don't, they start to laugh, and it goes from there.

Risk: It could happen to you[edit]

The risk or a funny overload can happen any day, no one has died lately,(since the 80's), from a funny overload because the world we live in is getting less funny as the days and years go by, sure, shows like The Office and Family Guy are making "funny" into a new word, but that's not enough. To make a funny overload happen in this new millennium from watching a T.V show you need to laugh your ass off, and to do so is hard, because outlets to funny places a closing, a movie like Happy Gilmore is funny, while a movie like the White Chicks and The Animal aren't, yet both take the same idea, except one gets it right. Writers can't get funny right.

Overall, there's not too much risk, (except if you were to travel back in time, via movies and DVD's from the 80's and pre-80's) to even have a funny overload, but don't try it, remember, *Funny=Lawsuit* that's the main thing. T.V shows can't get sued from a person laughing their ass off from watching their show, it only makes their show get more ratings.


If one is to actually experience non-lethal funny overload, the event causing funny overload would then become the funniest thing the victim has ever seen. Thus, another funny overload could only occur when one sees something 100x funnier than the original cause of the the first non-lethal funny overload, which would be 1000x funnier than the original funniest thing ever seen by the victim. Some scholars maintain that this paradox will not occur due to the fact that each non-lethal funny overload will cancel-out the previous. Unfortunately (or fortunately), no tests have been performed which could determine the result of this paradox.

Pre-History / Egyptians[edit]

Did you know…
Scholars have made hypothesis that Cavemen have had funny overloads after an extremely funny event

The history of funny overloads go all the way back to the time of the Egyptians and before, but where, as recored on papyrus scrolls, pharaoh, nobles and peasants alike have had funny overloads. One documented case has a Egyptian noble dying after one of his camels "bonked" its head into a palm tree. Apparently, the noble laughed so hard, that he crapped his pants and had a stroke at the same time, not the best of deaths for a noble back then. Since this was apparent to be the first case of a funny overload, Egyptians at the time didn't know what to think of it, so when they saw this noble on the ground, having seizures, they thought he was possessed by the Ground God, and to please, their God, they killed the noble. Scholars have agreed that, through reading the hieroglyphics, this is the very first case of "Funnius Maximus" or "Maximum Funny", the deadly form of a funny overload.

Another case involved a peasant working at one of the farmers markets within the present city limits of Cairo, capital, and really, they only city in Egypt. In this case the peasant was working in his shop when he saw a camel running through the streets with a Summarian man being dragged on the streets. The man then had a case of non-lethal funny overload soon after. Scholars disagree on if this event happened or not, because mainly Summarians lived 3,000 years earlier then the first Egyptian. Some put into the theory that a man named "Summer" was being dragged through the streets , rather than a Summarian. Or the case could be made up, or had something to do with the first case above, scholars just don't know for sure.

Greek and Romans[edit]

Since the Greeks and the Romans are basically the same people, and the cases from this time are in a mix of Latin and Greek, the two distinct cultures are going to be grouped together, swell. The first case of funny overload happened back in 537 B.C, during the period of the Greeks. After the Island of Rhodes fell from attacks by Phoenician gorillas, an unknown Greek soldier was capture by one of the gorillas and was torture for information on his knowledge of Athens. After unsuccessful attempts, the Phoenician gorilla was forced to use the "funny technique" on the solider. Since this method was new and therefore unproven, the Phoenician was unsure that this ploy would work or not. He tried all the variations that he knew could work before he tried the one that would work, to make the solider more vulnerable to the one that eventually made the man have a funny overload, the non-lethal kind, which made the solider spill the beans. His method was making cracks at the current Greek emperor while doing stand-up comedy about how the world sucks, which sounds really funny in Phoenician.

Did you know…
that Romans were greedy people who dissevered more Funny Overloads then they could handle?

Funnier than the Greek case, a funny overload happened at one of the Roman's lavish party. While one of the guest was puking his guts out in the bath-room, he saw two people smacking each other with napkins, which the Roman thought was funny as hell, that he started to join in. Bad move. The two Romans got so deeply pissed at this loner, that both went to the dinning hall, got some food, and started to chuck. This was the first documented case of a "food fight" and "glove slapping". So while all the drunk and stuffed Romans were resting, food started to fly and they went to defending themselves. Meanwhile the stupid Roman threw some dates right at a guy's "sensitive area". Once the guy fell to the ground, presumably in hilarious pain, the jerk Roman had a funny overload, and soon died thereafter. After the mess was cleaned up by a crew, they found this body on the ground smiling, but dead. So they "disgraced" body than threw it in a nearby dump.


During the Renaissance period, there were many funny overloads, mainly from Renaissance people laughing at the "stupid ideas" of other Renaissance people, such as literature, the sciences and math equations. These cases deal with minute cases of funny overloads, and therefore not as funny as the fallowing. There's only one real funny occurrence that is worth mentioning back in the Renaissance era, it is strikingly similar to an Aesop's fable for some reason:

A Renaissance man once invited a Renaissance woman to dinner and served soup in a very shallow dish. He thought it was funny that the woman, who was a blond, couldn't drink any of the soup. Then he said, "My dear woman, I'm so sorry to see that you're not eating anything. Didn't you like the the soup?" "Oh, everything is just fine," the blond answered. "And now you must do the honor of paying me a visit." When the man came to the woman's house and sat down to dinner, a very tall jar was placed in front of him. It was so tall and narrow that the man couldn't get anything in it because the man was short and had stubby fingers. "I'm so glad to be able to return your courtesy," said the blond, as she reached in with her long arms. "I hope you enjoy your dinner ever bit as much as I did mine when I visited you."

So the lesson today is what goes around, comes around. But most importantly, before the Renaissance man left empty handed, the woman had a funny overload and died from it soon after. Making the man have the last laugh.

Tom Cruise shown here having a form of a funny overload


The future of funny overloads are grim, seeing that no one has died from a funny overload since the Renaissance period. They been minor cases in the 80's that aren't worth mentioning, because the people didn't die from those overloads. Clocks play a bigger factor in funny overloads then most people think, because they like to predict stuff. So if a funny overload were to come on to someone in the future, they should go directly to a clock to see what it could predict. Also, in the future pencils and pens ply a big role, seeing that they are the only thing that can prescribe medicine to someone having a "funny overload panic attack", also known as stress. People who wear sunglasses are the biggest candidates for funny overloads, because they shield most of the funny, and aren't usually too funny, anyways. Overall, the future is one second from now, and nothing can stop that.

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