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Visible G-spots are common on Dalmations, greyhounds, and some retrievers

After being lost for eons and eons The G-spot has been found. The very reliable source, which cannot be revealed due to the extreme sensitivity of the G-spot, has found the G-spot geographically south of the equator of pluto, hidden inside a cave-like structure surrounded by dense bushland. We unfortunately have not got a look at the G-spot but our source has assured us that it is there. We have sent many men on the mission to find the reach the G-spot but all have returned exhausted, empty handed and have recently thrown up. I myself have now volunteered to go on this unforgettable mission to find the G-spot next time the artificial shaking rod enters the cave. Wish me luck people, I will need it.


The exact location of the G-spot is now clearly marked by it's past visitors.

An area of skin, common to some breeds of dog, which is unusually sensitive to touch. Excessive skin or hair pigmentation is often symptomatic of G-spot existence and some breeds such as Dalmations often display a prominent G-spot marker on their coats at (or very near) the spot's location. Dogs, however, may develop an unmarked G-spot regardless of breed.

Manual stimulation of the G-spot (by vigorous rubbing, gentle scratching, or tickling with a brush or other softly-bristled object) often has a dramatic effect; the dog may make involuntary whimpering noises, nip-like biting motions, or "phantom scratching" with a rear leg. This is often accompanied by a glazed, far-off look in the dog's eyes. Some dogs, once the existence of their G-spot is shown to them, will attempt self-stimulation by licking or gentle nibbling. This behaviour should be discouraged, lest it lead to feeble-mindedness, over-development of the tongue, hair paws, or blindness.

The G-spot can also refer to the aria between "F" and "H", for some reason, the aria itself and not the letter (G) has a significat importance to females, it is also known that messing with that aria would make a significant portion of female human beings pronounce the letter "G" loudly and clearly, this technique is used by audiologists to help females with spelling problems to pronounce the letter G in the correct way, there for the letter G is used to test the ability of humans to see ... it is a common misunderstanding that that letter used for the later purpose is C.

Why the G?[edit]

G stands for gum, many people claiming to have found the g-spot say that it is much the same as a fresh piece of chewing gum, still wet, that you have placed your finger onto under the table It is also believed that the G stands for George W Bush spot because if it is found and pressed a girl will stammer and say the wrong words as she talks to you.

What does it do[edit]

Ancient Communist secrets lead us to believe that the ocean came to be when mother earth found her g spot, what this means we have no idea. Greek ideology suggests that the clue lies locked up in thousands of years worth of hentai, the japanese 'G-spot' scientific research. Bollocks. It's an excuse for sex, much like 'whale experiments' is an excuse to eat sushi.

Interesting facts[edit]

  • The female Duck-Billed Platypus has no G-spot, explaining why after a tiring day, I was not able to pleasure my furry beaked friend.
  • The female Chav is reported to have a G-spot in her rectum as well as her mouth and pussy, so that all three males can please her at once.
  • The G-spot is also the name for the place which hundreds of Gorillas congregate in order to play drums. Much to Phil Collins delight.
  • If you were to flip the world upside down, stand it on Jupiter and place it in the orbit of a planet in the vicinity of Betelgeuse, 42 people would have an resulting orgasm.
  • The G-spot is part of the world domination plan of Google.
  • Holocaust Denial Denial Deniers will admit that although they deny the denial of people who deny the Holocaust, they don't deny that these (hypothetical) people would supposedly have G-spots.
  • The G-spot was once believed to be a mystical place, spread by the teachings of Walter R. Smith. Upon seeing his picture, however, people realised that Walter was indeed a loser, and in need of getting some.
  • G, in Hebrew, means place of praying to Allah. Jews therefore have a large reaction to the g-spot and attempt to stay clear of it or the dark cave where it resides.

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College Sex Advice - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the G-Spot the g spot is a very complex organ of the male species. it has only been found on select males, such as Forrest Shamamamalalalalmama of penncrest highscool.(look up "profesional wrestling"...vagina

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After being lost for eons and eons The G-spot has been found.... the G-spot geographically south of the equator hidden inside a cave-like structure surrounded by dense bushland.