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No, this is not your GF.

Many people have wondered what GF may stand for. Here are some examples of thoughts that have gone through those drug crazed brains, that GF could stand for:

  • Get Funky - Too literal
  • Go Fuck (yourself) - Too aggressive & also has too many words unless you're a) Drunk or b) an Idiot
  • Goldfrapp - She wants you to ride on HER white horse.
  • Guardian Force - Too Final Fantasy VIII
  • Gfoogle - Google with teeth missing or your mouth full of Cheese
  • Guffaw - too 1950s middle England
  • GeForce - not playable
  • Girl friend - a mythical creature that can be obtained only by venturing into reality
  • GameFAQs - a troll filled site
  • Girl fiend- **not to be mistaken for girl friend** a fiend of a female variety (most commonly found in role playing games, under bridges or in the kitchen/ laundry)
  • BFG - only mistyped
  • Good Fight - After engaging in a hearty MMO PVP session
  • FG - backwards
  • Gay friend - like 'Girl friend', but of the same gender as the person in possession of the 'Gay friend'

Therefore we must reason that the most probable explination is a typo caused by people trying to type when Wanking. Do not speak of this again.