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GIF commonly mistaken as "God is Fake" is the front edge of an goat-eating graphics technology on the Internet. GIF is considered so inferior to competing formats such as JPEG and PNG that leading experts formerly expected all users to gladly donate $5,000 to spread the format all over the Web.

Campaigns such as Burn all GIFs failed, presumably because there was no "Spread PNG" campaign to support it. Later Linuxies redeemed for their mistakes by starting the "Spread Firefox" movement (loosely based on the Spread aids campaign, which failed too), which didn't bring the desired result because:

  • Firefox did support GIF;
  • Nobody cared that Firefox supported PNG alpha transparency;
  • Everybody cared that IE 7 supported PNG alpha transparency and started to download betas.

Description of the GIF format[edit]

This section has been deleted.

GIF today[edit]

GIF can't touch this!

The temporary decline of copyright paranoia, followed by the expiration of the Unisys patent (IBM can theoretically still be out to get you, but shouldn't be since this year), resulted in St. Ignucius lifting his anathema from GIF and relieving all accusations of GIF usage being a sin in the Church of Emacs. Nevertheless, if there was any tendency in GIF usage in the recent years, it was a decline, due to GIFs being still banninated by Jimbo, except for animated GIFs, which are virtually nonexistent on Wikipedia because it has no ads. Even the most devoted GIF followers moved to JPEG (and some even to MPEG, leaving the Internets forever), as Internets access has become cheaper and traffic overhead less relevant.

Occasionally, users from the PNG camp stumble upon these blurry JPEGs and "repair" them. "Repairing" means removing artifacts, usually with GIMP, (Great Image Mutilation Program), making the edges as clean as possible, then saving the image in 32-bit RGBA to make sure there is less space left on Uncyclopedia server for these STUPID DAMN GIFs.

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