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The 2007 Logo

GQ (Godly Queers) is a monthly mens magazine found lurking around barber shops and brothels. It was the cause of the 2001 solar eclipse and is the favorite read of TV heartthrob Oprah Winfrey. It has recently been discovered that GQ is a cure for testicular cancer and can be included as one of your 'five-a-day'.

Launched at the birth of Christ, GQ was an instant hit among Jews and carpenters which meant it was an ideal choice for the most famous Jewish carpenter of them all, the symbol #. GQ is often referred to as "GQ". It is a more upmarket version of other men's magazines such as Maxim and Gardener's Weekly which tend to focus on sex. GQ, on the other hand, deals with more serious issues such as Johnny Depp and whether or not it is possible to eat while on a roller coaster (recent data suggests not).

GQ magazine should not be confused with comedian and actor Ricky Gervais. In the unlikely event of fire GQ should be evacuated immediately. Sarah Jessica Parker is advised to stay behind and keep watch for flames.

GQ Editors[edit]


GQ magazine was thrown into the media spotlight in 2006 when it was claimed that it had included an article showing the exact whereabouts of legendary fast bowler Osama Bin Laden. The editor, Barack Obama, denied the accusation claiming that the map was of his house and that the confusion had come about because of his ridiculously Arabic name. Ben Stiller, an avid homosexual and reader of GQ is thought to be very upset over the matter.


GQ plans to give birth to GQ2 in 2009. This magazine will be aimed primarily at Russia but skeptics suggest the missile defence system in place in Moskow will prevent serious damage to the millions of tramps currently living there. The father of this magazine is unknown but inside sources claim that GQ was seen leaving a hotel with German tennis star Boris Becker.