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The GameShark Will Devour Your Games

The Game Shark[edit]

The GameShark is a shark used to activate cheats for video games. To explain it further, what the Gameshark does is allows you to command an angry Great White shark that forces the game to do what it is you want it to do. Say for instance, you're playing "Super Mario Bros" and you wish to jump higher, have more lives, and be invincible? Well there is no code you can enter to achieve this, so what you do is summon up your game shark, offer it your soul or your first born daughter, and it has a quite little word with the game about what it needs to allow you to now be able to to. Because, let's face it, if a kitten or a puppy tried to convince the game it needed to allow you to have a certain power-up that never goes away, you yourself, just like the game would roll on the floor laughing, where as if a 20 foot long Shark comes along with sunglasses and a cigar in it's mouth, you would shit 10,000 points worth of bricks.

A typical GameShark whispering into a gamers ear that he has had a "friendly" word to the game, and his character will now be able to start on level 9, or else the Shark will bite the crap out of the game and kill it


The GameShark came to be after an incident that happened with The Game Genie several years ago. After the Genie was put back in the bottle, gamers needed a new way to get their games to allow them to cheat. So what better choice then to in-list the help of Jaws? If a huge shark said to you, "I want you to do this, or I will bite the fuck out of you" you know damn well you would obey. So that's how the GameShark came to be.

Rip Offs[edit]

Their have been several other rip-off version, such as the "Game Tyrannosaurus Rex" & the "Game Godzilla" but none have been as effective in helping cheaters beat games then the "Game Shark"... unless you count the "(Pro)Action Replay", or the "Code Breakers" devices, but wouldn't you prefer a giant killer Shark to chew the crap out of your games if they don't allow you to do what you want, then the shark craps them out and sells the remains off to Sega to develop there next caca-concoction out of?

Coming Soon, To a System Near You

Species Of GameSharks & What To Feed Them[edit]

If you buy a Gameshark as a pet, make sure you know what breed of GameShark you have. Some will only eat certain foods, such as the SNES GameShark will only eat SNES games, and the N64 GameShark will only eat N64 games. So make sure you ask your local GameShark dealer what kind you are buying before you fish one out of the sea of Ebay.

The GameShark comes in a variety of species, starting with the early 90's discovery of the Nintendo family of GameSharks. There was the Nes, Snes, N64, GameCube and the smaller "GameBoy" species.. which have been successfully mated to make a new species that eats Nintendo DS games. Other species like to munch on Sega games, as well as Xbox, Playstation, Amiga, Atari and Teletext.

The GameShark's Influence on Pop Culture[edit]

Today everybody knows who the GameShark's are. Their have been so many comic books, TV adaptions and video games made about the GameShark, that in 2010 Stephen Spielberg announced that he and Michael Bay will be filming the first motion picture based on the Gameshark, called, "GameShark"... what a genius they are to come up with such a great title. She movie is scheduled to begin shooting at the end of 2010 and should be released by 2016.

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