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“If you're gonna play the big hairy penis, ya gotta learn to play it right!”

~ Kenny Rogers on Game Boy

“Stop watching TV and put down your Game Boy!”

~ Obama on Game Boy

“I've played games with boys before, how I wish I could again!”

~ Michael Jackson on Game Boy
A Game Boy Color Cart is pulled out while on,or failed cheat code idea for making it say All your base are belong to us in English

Game Boy (also pronouced, "Gay Boy" or "Gei Boi") is a quarterly homosexual men's magazine centered on and to satisfiy Homosexual, Pedophilia, Desires.

Founded by Japanese businessman Hugichiro Hefunetaki Akiwanna Hiro-riro Baklingling Hojigog IV in 1922, who loved have sex with supermodels. Game Boy combined the two things geeks and nerds like most, MEGAMAN and POKEMON. The resulting magazine became a worldwide sensation overnight(Nintendo Power).

The head bitch in charge rules his Game Boy empire from The Game Boy Mansion on the windswept steppes of Osakawood, Japan. Hugichiro Hefunetaki Akiwanna Hiro-riro Baklingling Hojigog made a deal with The Shins to distract boys from gameboys for a few years, cause the kids gave Hugichiro Hefunetaki Akiwanna Hiro-riro Baklingling Hojigog a headache.

Throwing this magazine into a blender will lead to serious injury, death, gayness, rainbows, faggotry, pedo, or possibly entrance into an alternate universe, as happened with the Pokemon of countless children, who found that their precious level 100 mewtwos could not be transferred to later games. Nintendo. What Bastards.

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