Game Boy 2

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The Game Boy 2

Game Boy 2 was Nintendo's answer to the iMac. Critics praised the system for its lack of screen and G Button. Pressing the G Button ordered pizza and is probably just about the coolest thing anyone could put into a handheld game system. Ever. Period.

There are three Of's in a line, and Of course, with bit of glue and tape, you could make a screen, but that just makes it a Game Boy 1, and why the hell would you want to anyway? This version is for pure, screenless, not-knowing-what-the-hell-is-happening-to-your-guy entertainment.

Of course, The Game Boy 2 Was Also The Best Band In The Universe. Using Capitals In The Beginning Of Every Fucking Word. Duh.


The Game Boy 2 came into being when Some guy broke his GameBoy screen off in frustration because he died while playing Telletubbies: The Lost Scooter. He then ran to Nintendo to show his idea. For some (unknown) reason, they agreed to manufacture it and it became the biggest selling handheld console in shops for 2 seconds.

In 2000, United States President Bill Clinton declared Game Boy 2 the national flower. Industry analysts see the Game Boy 2's reclassification as the unfortunate beginning of the botanical-industrial complex.

Nintendo were sued in 2006 in New Zealand, for not being aware of minority groups as it sates in the Bill Of Rights. The minority group in question? The female sex. A petition, stating that Nintendo should have made a "Game Girl" after Game Boy, and definately before Game Boy 2, holding the signatures of 38 of them was given to the judge during trial, but being a chauvinist male (as all good males are) he ate it.