Game Show Host Wars: The Movie Film

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Game Show Host Wars: The Movie Film
Directed by Uwe Boll
Written by Uwe Boll
Starring Jeff Foxworthy
Bob Barker
Alex Trebek
John O'Hurley
Howie Mandel
Pat Sajak
Release date(s) 2007
Running time 15 min.
Budget $32

Game Show Host Wars was Uwe Boll's first foray into the romantic morbid comedy sub-genre of silent-noir films. It was also one of his most successful movies, but it was still as shitty as the rest. The movie is most famous for its brilliant use of uncanny puns and witty satire that relates nothing to the plot and was therefore panned by critics, besides Leonard Maltin, who called it an "unbridled masterpiece". Aside from that the film grossed 32 dollars domestically and negative 32 dollars abroad, for those of you reading that have basic math knowledge, that comes out at an even zero... "Game Show Host Wars", Uwe Boll's most successful film.


The movie opens with the merciless slaying of Jeff Foxworthy by none other than the great Bob Barker, at that Alex Trebek lunges at Barker with a battle axe, and a great fight ensues, taking up a good portion of the movie, but hey who needs story development anymore, besides that John O'Hurley fires some lasers at Howie Mandel he narrowly escapes and kills O'Hurley with a hadoken. Bob Saget pokes Pat Sajak in the eye for no good reasons, so Sajak rips out Saget's trachea, and eats it, killing Saget instantly (his soul was contained in his trachea). After that the one-eyed Sajak duels Howie Mandel and they both die for no reason simply so Uwe Boll can get back to the main duel. After many poorly done computer generated special effects Barker defeats Trebek, who then tears himself in half for shame (Not so much as being defeated, as being in a Uwe Boll movie). Barker lives on his happy life until he dies of old age which is about 15 minutes after the battle.

Movie Poster[edit]

Unfortunately, Uwe Boll decided the best way to advertise the film was to make the posters himself. By the time he had finished adding all of the actors to the poster he had forgotten the name of Jeff Foxworthy, and worse yet...the title of the film. He left Foxworthy's name as "This Guy" and after a long blank stare at those included in the film, thought that the title was "Talk Show Host Wars", this mistake would later plague him further when he tried to advertise the sequel starring Dr. Phil, Oprah Winfrey, Maury Povich, and Montel Williams.