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'In Reality

  • All games are fun, it just depends which ones you lose at.

In Fact

  • Thai childrens like to play Game Online.
  • Thai Griean don't like to play but like to bot.
  • KVY or KUY was banned in Korean and International Server although it is no meaning in English.
  • If someone tell you about 555land, they meaning that is Thailand.
  • Def in Ragnarok online is calculated as Percent (rules by Mr.404).
  • There are a little real men in RO but a lot of Gundum bots.
  • In Thai Server GM is shorten from Griean Master.
  • Thai kids love free game online.
  • Grieans must ask for Bot, Hacks, Cheats before registering their ID to play a game.
  • Almost 70 percent of girls character in game are male in real.
  • 555 is mean Hahaha, Do you know?

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