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A popular children's show from the 1980s, Gang Bang featured many notable British comics in their first TV roles. Both the The Chuckle Brothers and The Krankies received their first start in show-biz on this programme.

Critics looking back on the show have concentrated primarily on the negative aspects such as extreme genital torture and the inhalation of Class A drugs by children as young as 2.4589 but reports from the public have a generally positive feeling and many associate warm fuzzy feelings in their groins with some of the more erotic parts of the show.

The amount of thrusting was calculated in 1990 by Stephen Hawking at 5 Per Second or 5 Thrustoonies. It is unknown whether Hawking experienced warm fuzzy feelings.

Like Thomas the Tank Engine it was voiced by Ringo Starr the famous (self) lover and unrecognisable Beatle. Ringo was appalled at the language involved but was locked in the booth so had no choice. His gentle nasal twang now accompanies 546 ejaculations.

Gang Bang will continue to run until 2525, if man is still alive.