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Gargamel was, and still is, the founder of the so called "Religion" the Judaism, and as it known today he leads his people the Jews from his underground cave in Holland. He is also the known as the cult leader of the smurfs, a very quiet and peaceful group. Most of the members like to take a swim in a bucket of blue paint every other morning. Despite what people might tell you Gargamel is a very peace-loving person and a great fan of the soap-opera The Bold And The Beautiful. He is also a donor to the cat reaserch facility in the Western side of the Eastern coast in the United States Of America.

Gargamel was also one of the first students of the great Nahman Meoman (may the gods of money bless his soul), and was the first to master all the three jutsu's of the Ninjewtsu. He also invented a jutsu of his own, called: "The All Mighty Bullshit-No-Jutsu" which considered to be as lethal as the "Dradlechuck no jitzu".